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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

18 Apr 07. Dytecna Defence Systems celebrated its 60th Birthday with a move to new premises opened by HRH Princess Anne on Tuesday April 17th. In a move, described by Dytecna Managing Director John Fulford as smooth but fast, Dytecna moved into its new premises in a matter of days having received the keys on January 2nd. The new factory is an old RSRE workshop building next to Malvern Science Park.

Dytecna is an independent, privately owned Engineering and Logistic Support organisation formed in 1947, customer base is primarily the UK Defence and Homeland Security Markets. Dytecna is located at 3 UK sites (Malvern, Welshpool and Weybridge) and has a newly formed Logistic Support business in Australia, supporting Prime Defence Contractors there.

Dytecna has recently opened its first overseas operation with the launch of Dytecna Ltd. Pty inAustralia. This office will provide support to Government organisations and Defence Prime Contractors.

Dytecna business areas are: Vehicle Installation Design and Certification Systems Integration in Vehicles, Containers and Rapidly Deployable Environments. Electro-Mechanical/Electronic Manufacture, Integrated Logistic Support, Technical Publications, Digital Systems Engineering and Test Equipment Design, Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, Customer Logistic Support Engineering. As an independent organisation Dytecna can offer truly unbiased Services, Advice and Turnkey Solutions.

“We have spent over £500,000 on refurbishing the building. We had two separate sites in Spring Lane, so to be on one site had made things much better for us. The Spring Lane sites have been returned to the Council.” said Keith Mowbray, the firm’s head of business development told BATTLESPACE. BATTLESPACE was told of the huge contribution given by the Local Council in ensuring the planning permission to move to the new location.

Dytecna started as a design and tracing office mainly for Royal Navy work, established by John Fulford’s father, formerly with Siemens in 1947. Dytecna is one of those U.K. Engineering jewels which gets on with the job in hand and quietly establishes itself in niche markets. The company employs 240 staff and orders of more than £200m secured last year. In November, the firm signed a £1m contract with Sweden to overhaul vehicles for the country’s defence forces.

Dytecna has been expanding its activities into new areas over the past years and in 2000 purchased Syen Ltd. Syen Provides products and engineering services in support of the application of digital and associated technologies to data acquisition, data logging, condition monitoring, and control. Syen can analyse, design, and develop fully integrated solutions.

In particular Syen Provides:
* Products and services for vehicle systems data acquisition, data logging, and condition monitoring for research and development testing and vehicle utilisation monitoring.
* Products and services applied to system and component test rigs for both R&D and end of production.
* Technical consultancy services in support of the application of systems engineering to transportation and military environments.
Syen’s engineering skills include design, development and realisation of:
* Embedded and application software
* Electronics, both analogue and digital
* Mechanics, including pneumatics and hydraulics

Through Syen, Dytecna is now established in the all important area of HUMS systems for vehicles where it recently won the HUMS contract for the BAE Panther vehicle.

Dytecna has also formed Dytecna Knowldege Services which advises clients on man-management systems and developing processes to improve productivity.

Looking quietly like a rival to such companies as Lockheed Martin Insys, Dytecna showed BATTLESPACE an impressive array of vehicle contracts including a contract to install the Skynet 5 Reacher system into a BV206 vehi

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