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01 Jul 04. EKA Limited exhibited the SuperCompact Recovery Device as being proposed for the SV [R] Programme. This low-weight, high-capacity suspend-tow system has been designed to facilitate the recovery of all military casualties (from Improved Medium Mobility Bridging Vehicles down to Land Rover) with the minimum of effort by Recovery personnel. SuperCompact is the latest addition to the range of recovery systems from EKA Limited, who are the suppliers of the current in-service Compact equipment to UK MoD. The crossbar recovery eye connections can be easily adjusted to suit the casualty and the fully swivelling crossbar can be levelled to achieve perfect towing geometry. The SuperCompact is complemented by two Rotzler capstan winches; the TR200 Main Winch features:- 25 tonne constant line pull and speed – and the TR080 8 tonne version is for Self-Recovery. Additionally the 60 tonne metre crane built by ATLAS to an EKA specification, to facilitate the lifting tasks as required by the SRD, is also featured on the stand. EKA Limited also exhibited the EDER tilt chassis light-vehicle transporter. The lightweight design maximizes payload potential.

01 Jul 04. Alvis Vickers exhibited the Multipurpose Lightweight Vehicle (MLV) fitted with its new Enforcer overhead weapon station at DVD. In November 2003, after extensive testing against stiff competition, MLV won the UK MoD’s Future Command and Liaison Vehicle programme (FCLV). The FCLV programme comprises 401 vehicles and pre-series production is now well underway. The development/demonstration phase of the programme is being undertaken at Alvis Vickers’ Centre for Vehicle Technology in Telford, UK. MLV is based on a chassis designed by Iveco DVD in Italy. 70% of the FCLV contract is UK-sourced, including high technology mission fit, weapon, communication and modular armour. An additional 30% of the UK content will be provided from UK companies supplying modular armour packs to the Italian equivalent programme, together with any additional export orders. The British selection of MLV also offers an opportunity for the UK defence industry to participate in a similar vehicle programme in Italy, for which 60 prototypes have been ordered from the Company’s partner, Iveco DVD. The eventual Italian requirement could be for more than 2,000 vehicles. Comment: The overhead weapon station, whilst primed by BAE, is being supplied by an Israeli company. BATTLESPACE asked Thales, developer of the UK’s home grown SWARM system invented by Glynn Bottomely, whether the company had bid against the Israelis. The spokesman told BATTLESPACE that there was little point as the price quoted by Israel gave no profit at all for Thales, another example of the DPA killing a home grown product with excellent export potential (See UK DEFENCE POLICY ATTACKED BY MPs)

30 Jun 04. ISTEC showed its new twin GPMG mount at DVD. The mount is designed with the G3 spigot taper, permitting the mount to be fitted directly to the ISTEC UGM. The new mount has the capability of being inverted through a slewing ring mounting system when mounted on the UGM, and the whole assembly mounted on the ISTEC fold-under ‘A’ frame.

30 Jun 04. Automotive Technik launched the new generation Pinzgauer XM (X-treme Mobility at DVD. Technical developments included latest technology ABS, Electronic Brake Distribution and Electronic Traction control. These additions certainly improved the 6×6 vehicle’s performance during DVD where David Findlay and his team had a number of passengers holding on during the high-speed ride and drive scenario. The company also announced the debut of the armoured Pinzgauer variant where a source close to BATTLESPACE suggested that the company could be in line for an MoD order for 100 vehicles. Bill Waddell had the ABRO team clutching on for dear life down the 1 in 1 slope, hence we are naming the Pinzgauer XM the star of DVD 04, together with Amos Deacon’s Prowler.

30 Jun 04. All Terrain Vehicle Corpora

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