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30 Jun 05. ‘GATEKEEPER’ theme for DVD 06 says Gilhead. Nigel Gilhead, in an upbeat speech at the DVD Gala dinner said that following the resounding success of DVD 05 and the ‘THROUGH LIFE SUPPORT’ theme, the DVD 06 theme would be ‘GATEKEEPER’ and would reflect the DPA’s continuing policy of procurement from cradle to grave. He said that attendance at DVD 06 was a dramatic increase on 04 as was the number of exhibitors.

28 Jun 05. Jon Shorer of Oshkosh said that the company had submitted a solution for the MoD’s requirement for a gun tractor for the M777 howitzer. “We believe we are well placed for this requirement as we have already conducted trails with the U.S. Marine Corps. Our MTVR has the payload to carry boththe gun, ammunition and crew. The MoD is currently test firing the French 155 gun and the M777 and will evaluate the Caesar French system and the UK’s 6×8 Supacat vehicle separately. Both vehicles are designed as portee systems, as developed in North Africa in WWII. In another development David Findlay MD of Automotive Technik told BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold that his Pinzgauer vehicle had performed perfectly in the trails for the U.S. Marine Corps light gun tractor for the M777. The tow other contenders were the German Mungo vehicle that did not turn up for the trail and the Lockheed Martin HMT vehicle which we believe had stability problems and some re-design may be required.

30 Jun 05. One of the big questions at DVd was the future OUVs requirement and structure. An analysis of the various conversations during the show suggested that the structure had changed form the original ‘winner takes all’ requirement to one of a more horizontal approach of procuring specialist fleets of vehicles, particularly in the middle weight segment. The Gatekeeper competitors and Automotive Technik were exhibiting in force. Mercedes Benz and Mowag appeared to have taken the higher ground over the HMT vehicle whose reputation appeared to reign supreme at last year’s show. Three factors appeared to signal a change of attitude, one, we understand that the current requirement for 20 HMT vehicles advertised in the Contrcats Bulletin has been put on hold while an assessment of the vehicle is carried out, two the DURO III has now been re-0engineered to such an extent (See: DURO II – A QUANATUM LEAP)that the vehicle now appears to be vehicle of choice for a number of requirements and has recently had orders for 18 further vehicles on top of the Cormorant and Reacher requirements. Price is also believed to be playing a major part due to budget constraints with Mercedes winning here with their new Unimog and Bucher undercutting HMT. In general it looks as if a number of Through Life contract awards with such companies as Land Rover and Automotive Technik will be placed I the near future and a drastic cut in the long-term of the current Land Rover fleet with more ‘White Fleet’ vehicles being ordered, making considerable savings. The land Rover fleet is under strain due to losses and breakdowns during operation Tellic and the MoD is belived to be looking at a refurbishment contract for 2000 vehicles. Santana told NATTLESPACE that they also have a new vehicle on trial as a possible solution for this requirement. Delays in the Falcon, Watchkeeper and Soothsayer projects have also given Mowag a perceived advantage to further extend its product reach.

29 Jun 05. Gliding round the track at speed. Having just purchased a new land Rover Discovery the Editor was keen to drive the new Range Rover Sport, what a machine. This vehicle is a quantum leap from the existing range Rover and the handling, quietness and speed puts it in a class of its won. Land Rover told us that the vehicle is now outselling the existing range Rover range developed under the BMW umbrella. Another vehicle was the Dodge Ram which cruised effortlessly round the test track with its huge V10 Chrysler engine showing a huge burst of speed. Both these two vehicles win th

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