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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor BATTLESPACE

23 Jun 06. Tim Flesher, the Deputy Chief of Defence Logistics (DCDL) will open this year’s DVD event at Millbrook, on Wednesday 28th June at 10.00am. The event promises to be the biggest to date with more than 180 exhibitors and 3,800 expected visitors already registered, smashing last year’s record figures. During his opening address Flesher will comment on the progress being made with the Defence Industrial Strategy, which aims at ensuring that the UK’s Armed Forces are provided with the equipment that they require on time and at the best value for money. With a budget of almost £9 billion, the DLO’s spend represents over 20 per cent of the UK’s Defence budget. The theme for this year’s DVD is Gatekeeper, the latest phase of the MoD’s Smart Procurement initiative. This is designed to provide better co-ordination and integration between the Integrated Project Teams (IPTs, the MoD’s procurement specialists), delivering reduced operating costs and increased capability. Many of the savings expected are related to the reduced proliferation of equipment meeting similar needs, leading to a reduced logistics footprint, reduced service costs and improved field support.

This year’s DVD at Millbrook on June 28th and 29th will see a doubling of exhibition space with the advent of the ESS(Engineering Systems Support Integrated Project Team)IPT providing crucial battlefield infrastructure systems to the Armed Forces. Visitors and exhibitors to DVD 06 will be greeted with a sea of stands and exhibits stretching from the Capability Centre to the Off-Road Track.

“The Defence Logistics Organisation is undergoing a huge transformation at the moment,” commented Gilhead. “With the impact of through-life management on SUV procurement and support and the increased integration between the various IPTs, we are keen to see new and exciting solutions from companies who can offer logistics support for vehicles on deployment. DVD brings together a vast spectrum of specialists involved in delivering mobility to the field, making it a perfect forum for commercial partners to discuss their solutions with users and purchasing teams, whilst also allowing them to understand the latest changes in MoD purchasing strategy.”

DVD is the single most concentrated display of mobility systems in Europe, and in 2006 is set to smash last year’s record for visitors and exhibitors as three additional MoD purchasing teams join the event for the first time, under the banner of the ESS IPT (Engineering Systems Support Integrated Project Team). With the addition of ESS IPT to this year’s event, DVD is more relevant to logistics suppliers than at any time before. Efficient supply of ESS IPT equipment to the field, such as tentage systems, camouflage concealment and deceptions systems together with construction resources, is critical to the ongoing successful operation of the military. Gilhead continued “we are constantly looking at through-life costs during procurement and we want to see innovative solutions. It has been an eye opener for some suppliers as they realise just how innovative we are prepared to let them be. We are already examining the potential for third-party support through suppliers with massive logistic operations who are prepared to handle other brand names and we want suppliers to put together packages that mean working closely with us for the next five to seven years”.

vast range of new exhibitors and new products will make DVD2006 the most exciting service mobility event in Europe. Organisers the Specialist Utility Vehicles Integrated Project Team (SUV IPT) and the Engineering Support Systems (ESS) IPT, are expecting 150 companies to show the latest vehicles and systems, up 30% on last year. From the latest specialist military vehicles to operational portable offices and decoy equipment, the diversity of products is wider than ever as exhibitors showcase their off

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