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* Link Research, part of VISLINK Plc demonstrated its recently launched Digital Urban Video (DUV) strategic video surveillance system to the Editor. Designed principally for use in urban environments by government security agencies and military deployment, the DUV enables video surveillance to be conducted in densely built-up areas and over significantly extended ranges. Based on Link Research’s proven technology in the demanding field of global broadcasting, the new DUV system is a direct response to the requirement for improved counter-terrorism surveillance in urban environments, representing a major advance in reliable transmission and image resolution for mission-critical applications.
– First Showing for US Unmanned Ground Vehicle with Integrated Digital Video Link

* MRC Communications highlighted its turnkey data link expertise, installed in a state of the art Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) from Black-I Robotics for EOD and IED-related applications. The UGV is in service with the US Government, and incorporates MRC Communications’ rugged video data link. The system comprises the Strata COFDM transmitter and camera, the TRC Diversity receive case, and the handheld QuickVue receiver unit. All of the hardware is battery powered for rapid deployment and operation. VISLINK’s DLES Division is offering this versatile and robust turnkey system as a highly cost competitive alternative to conventional robot solutions.

* Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions launched its new 716 Series of conduction-cooled rugged ATR enclosures at DSEi. A compactly-sized and lightweight line, the 716 Series is engineered for maximum flexibility, strength and cooling in a range of harsh-environment applications. Though designed as a straight conduction-cooled chassis, the 716 Series can also be configured as an air-over conduction-cooled ATR. Incorporating configurable conducting walls, the 716 Series can be customized for a wide range of thermal requirements.

The 709 Series of air-cooled rugged electronic enclosures for shipboard and land-based military applications is configured for flexibility, accommodating up to 20 slots for VME64, VME64x, VXS, VPX, VXI, or CompactPCI cards and ranging in size from 8U to 15U high and 20.5 inches deep. Featuring either overlapping bolted or welded construction, the EIA rackmountable 709 Series is engineered to meet military specifications for shock and vibration. The enclosures are designed to meet Mil-S-901, Mil-Std-810, Mil-Std-167, Mil-Std-704 and Mil-Std-461 standards.

The 714 Series features an exclusive adjustable card cage to strategically position cards for either front panel card or backplane I/O. This unique feature, paired with the 714 Series’ rugged modular frame, create an unprecedented level of ATR format flexibility. Modeled after the design of modern commercial and military aircraft, the 714 Series’ patent-pending aluminum frame is assembled with solid rivet technology and reinforced with aluminum outer panels to create a rugged ATR capable of withstanding severe shock and vibration environments.

* Earlier this year, Chemring acquired two new parts of the business – Simmel Difesa and Chemring Nobel AS.

Italy’s Simmel Difesa specialises in medium to large calibre ammunition for both naval and ground artillery, specialist ammunition, such as illumination mortar rounds, missile warheads and other components. Its primary facility at Colleferro has been supplemented recently by a second plant at Agagni, within which the Group will expand its ordnance disposal business.

Simmel’s product range includes munitions for both traditional and latest generation weapon systems. For certain weapons, it is the sole supplier of qualified ammunition and it has become a leader in the field of advanced proximity fuzes, designed to give higher protection against ECM, an improved detonating point and optimised system lethality. It is also engaged with extensive

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