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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

BATTLESPACE meets Mark Newman Chairman, President & CEO of DRS Technologies at DSEI

On the first day of DSEI 2007, September 11th, DRS Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: DRS) announced that it has designated its United Kingdom (UK) operating unit, DRS Technologies UK, Ltd. (DRS UK), to serve as the focal point in the company’s efforts to further increase business opportunities in the UK and Europe.

“How do you see DRS UK as the key site for increasing DRS’ business revenue in the UK and Europe?” the Editor asked

“DRS established a business unit in the U.K. in 1999 primarily as a facility to manage our Bowman contract. However, we have now expanded this facility to provide customers with the capabilities available from each of our four business segments instead of just one. DRS UK will be led by Stuart Bolton and with his personnel and strategic insight, DRS now has the critical mass to fully commit itself to securing more contracts in the UK and Europe’s defense market.” Mark Newman said.

“Will this also include development of international markets?”

“As the corporation’s UK and European focal point, DRS UK will provide all international customers with a regional point of contact and ensure access to our broad capabilities. DRS is committed to expanding its presence in the global defense market. We have a suite of solid U.S. engineering and manufacturing capabilities to sell from the U.K. and vice versa. A case in point has been ‘lessons learned’ on the BOWMAN Scorpion computer being exported back to our U.S. customers.”

“Has the Bowman win and ongoing business enabled DRS to establish a good relationship with the MoD to win more business?”

“That win, and now others, means that DRS has program experience and trust in delivering on time and to price. Key relationships have been established with prime contractors and ministries of defence in the U.K. and Europe. In due course we will be announcing a key win in the U.K. from our RSTA business segment for systems to enhance a large part of the MoD’s vehicle fleet. This is a key example of our U.S. technology being exported and used by the MoD,” Newman continued.

“What Board structure will DRS Technologies UK, Ltd. have and who will it report to?”

“Clive Dolan will be chairman of the company with Stuart Bolton as its managing director. I feel so strongly about making this move a success that I will also become a board member. The company will report to Steve Schorer’s C4I Business Segment and be a profit centre in itself with quarterly reporting requirements. Mike Sheehan, president of the company’s Tactical Systems Strategic Business Unit (SBU), which is one of four SBUs within the C4I segment, will also be a board member.”

“Will you develop DRS Technologies UK, Ltd. as a prime contractor in the U.K.?”

“We do not mind if we act as either a prime or sub-prime contractor to win business. It depends entirely on the specifics and details of each individual bid. DRS always focuses on the satisfaction of the end-user customer. We want to ensure that both our customers deploy with the best and most effective equipment to accomplish their mission.”

“DRS has been fairly active in the acquisition market, do you expect this to continue at the same pace in the coming months?”

“The acquisition of Engineering Support Systems, Inc. (ESSI) was a huge leap for DRS. It was the equivalent of buying 14 individual companies, and therefore we are still maximizing the capabilities it gave us. We are still informing, teaching and changing the working practices of the entities which once belonged to ESSI and integrating them into the DRS corporate structure and culture. For instance, we are merging a number of businesses into the Sustainment Systems Business Segment’s St. Louis facility

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