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14 Jun 05. Steven Schorer, President of DRS C4I Group gave BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold details of new developments at his segment.

“Our acquisition of Integrated Defense Technologies in 2003 has given us access to critical technology to grow our technology base. We now have an ability to supply high performance radio frequency (RF) surveillance equipment used in signals intelligence applications based on the legacy from the Watkins-Johnson Company. This gives an added range of over 300 unique products include receivers, tuners, demodulators, and signal analyzers designed to perform signal intercept, identification, location and analysis functions. The division has benefited from the projected increases in intelligence spending and information technology intended to transform the U.S. military’s intelligence and Homeland Security efforts.”

Integrated Defense’s Communications and Surveillance Systems group produces systems for RF transmitters including for the U.S. submarine fleet, microwave subsystems for the Predator and Global Hawk UAVs, and signals intelligence for U.S. and foreign government intelligence collection.

“The UAV and aerial surveillance market is going through a transition at the moment,” Schorer continued, “UAVs in particular have a weight restriction problem created by the growing requirement to mount such items as collision avoidance systems to comply with FAA rules. This means that other systems need to be smaller and lighter. Using technology from IDS, we are building a range of advanced VME microprocessors , Octopus, that will gives us the ability to provide our customers with 4-8 times the processing power of similar products on the market today.”

“In addition, as well as developing this new range of products we are growing our segment vertically, building on existing customers needs to supply an extended range of products from sensors, ELINT, EW, IMINT and self-forming networks,” he continued.

“What do you see as the crucial technology for the next decade?” the Editor asked.

“Bandwidth restrictions and the growing need to connect systems to the military network and the requirement for on-the-move communications has created the need for self-forming networks. Using our expertise from the U.S. P5 Air Training System, where we have demonstrated the ability to network individual aircraft, we can now convert this for the ever increasing needs of our U.S. Army and overseas customers.”

Anyone thinking that the DRS team has stopped to consolidate on its existing product range is wrong! The company continues to expand in-line with expectations. Mark Newman, Chairman and CEO of DRS told BATTLESPACE, “Our aim is to grow DRS Technologies to be THE supplier of advanced computing systems from handheld systems through to advanced microprocessors. Our other Divisions which have also demonstrated phenomenal growth over the past few years will benefit from this technology.”

“What next, acquisition or consolidation,” asked the Editor.

“Watch this space,” said Newman, “our aim is to use our extensive technology base in the U.S. where we have access to the DoD R&D budget to grow overseas. At this year’s DSEI we will be showing the fruits of our BOWMAN win which has expanded our U.K. facility to the point where it has become a major profit centre and export springboard to overseas markets.”

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