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05 Sep 05. In the three years since DRS Technologies Inc. integrated the businesses of DRS Rugged Systems Ltd. and Paravant into the DRS Tactical Systems (DRS TS) business unit, much has been accomplished to develop a single enterprise linked by integrated systems, shared capabilities and a common vision. The result of this strategy has shown itself in significant increases in bookings, revenue and profit. The primary business of this new organisation is to design, deliver and support through-life rugged and ultra-rugged computing and display capability for defence digitisation and transformation projects throughout the world.

In October 2004, DRS TS appointed a new Managing Director for the UK operation, namely Stuart Boulton. He has been brought on board to oversee the continued transformation of the Farnham facility, providing as it does a gateway for DRS’s technologies, products and services into Europe and beyond.

“In addition to sustaining the traditional capabilities within the Farnham organisation, DRS TS has transferred manufacturing and support responsibilities from the US in support of major UK projects, such as Bowman and P-BISA. In particular, the following has either happened or is planned for the near-term: DRS in the UK are now capable of providing added value engineering for a range of DRS TS products, including, non-ITAR variants of the Scorpion™ rugged notebook and tablet computers together with rugged displays and thin-clients, manufacture of Commanders Crew Station (CSS) for P-BISA and Bowman systems in Farnham and manufacture of the PDPU (Platform Digitisation Processor Unit) for the BAE Systems, Land Systems P-BISA contract,” Boulton told BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold.

“How do you see the future of DSR TS?” The Editor asked.

“DRS TS is a key centre of excellence within the DRS Tactical Computing Systems strategic business unit (SBU) (DRS Tactical Systems Inc. + DRS Tactical Systems Ltd.) for the design and development the modular range of OPUS2 integrated consoles. Over 140 consoles have now been delivered, and the backlog and forward forecast continues to be strong. Further investment is being made into this highly regarded product line as the DRS Tactical Systems SBU continue to develop new markets for the technology, including developing markets in the USA.”

“There are some exciting developments in this area, which have led to major new contracts with large prime contractors around the world. We are currently involved in UK Apache, RAF Nimrod, Wedgetail (Australia) and PeaceEagle (Turkey) platforms. Farnham will continue to develop the Genesis rackmount rugged computers and associated displays. New contracts for the Greek Hermes C2 system and the Astute submarine provide the basis for new product development. Full certification has now been granted for DRS TS’s new ½ ATR Link 11 system currently being delivered to a major Australian programme,” he continued.

“In addition to the manufacture of the above, DRS TSL is now responsible for the support and maintenance of Bowman and P-BISA products for which a new repair and overhaul facility has been developed. Other European contracts are expected to follow. DRS TS are investing significantly in DRS TSL’s already proven capability to deliver highly responsive support services to customers all over Europe. Under the Bowman contract alone, over 13,000 rugged computers will be maintained by the Farnham organisation over a period of at least 10 years. In addition, it is planned that the implementation of technology insertion events will be carried out by Farnham support and manufacturing operations.”

“As a result of the above,” Boulton said, “DRS TSL have acquired a depth of leading edge, proven rugged computer and display products that through their association with very large, multi-year projects, such as Bowman and FBCB2, will retain their relevance for many years to come. This, coupled with strong in-country engineering, manufac

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