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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor BATTLESPACE

In January DRS Technologies, Inc. completed its acquisition of Engineered Support Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EASI). The transaction, formed DRS’s third operating segment – the Sustainment Systems & Services Group run by Dan Rodrigues, adding to its two other segments, C4I Group run by Steve Schorer and Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group, run by Fred Marion. Julian Nettlefold met DRS CEDO Mark Newman and Dan Rodrigues at AUSA to discuss the merger which has created a company reaching the $3 billion mark in turnover.

A brief overview of ESSI shows how the company fits well into the DRS structure and also provides the third leg in Support Services.

Engineered Support Systems designs, manufactures, and supplies integrated military electronics, support equipment, and technical and logistics services for all branches of America’s armed forces and certain foreign militaries, homeland security forces and selected government and intelligence agencies. The company also produces specialized equipment and systems for commercial and industrial applications.

Segments include:

Engineered Air Systems Inc. (EASI)
Located in St. Louis, MO, Engineered Air Systems, Inc. (EASI) is the charter Engineered Support Systems operating unit. EASI designs and engineers a wide range of military support equipment including nuclear/biological/chemical defense systems, environmental control systems and water storage, purification and distribution systems.

Engineered Environments, Inc. (EEI)
Operating from a facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, Engineered Environments is a well established company that provides engineering and manufacturing of customized air conditioners, heat exchangers, chillers, air filtration systems, environmental control units and aircraft ground support equipment for use in commercial and military industries. EEi was acquired by the Company in 2003.

ESSIbuy.com (ESSIbuy)
To provide America’s Warfighters access to a wide range of logistics support services, the Company has launched its e-commerce initiative, ESSIbuy.com (ESSIbuy). Through ESSIbuy, military customers can procure spare and replacement parts, contract for maintenance, training or engineering services and review proprietary interactive electronic training manuals (IETMs) on-line for a host of Engineered Support’s military support and electronics products. ESSIbuy.com was established by the Company in 2001.

Engineered Electric/Fermont (FERMONT)
Located in Bridgeport, CT, Engineered Electric/Fermont (Fermont) is the leading supplier of military generator sets and power systems to the U.S. military. Fermont was acquired by the Company in 1999.

Keco Industries (KECO)
Operating from a facility in Florence, KY, Keco Industries, Inc. (Keco) engineers and manufactures military support equipment including environmental control systems, water purification systems and refrigeration equipment. Keco was acquired by the Company in 1998.

Engineered Coil, d.b.a. Marlo Coil (MARLO)
Engineered Coil/Marlo Coil, (Marlo Coil) a leading designer and manufacturer of custom engineered coils, refrigeration plants and air handling units, was acquired by the Company in 1998. Marlo Coil is the largest supplier of marine coils, air-handling units, product coolers and refrigeration plants to the U.S. Navy. Its operations are located in High Ridge, MO.

Mobilized Systems Inc. (MSI)
Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mobilized Systems designs, manufactures and tests highly specialized trailers, shelters and environmental control systems primarily for the defense industry. MSI was acquired by the Company in 2005.

Pivotal Power Inc. (Pivotal Power)
Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Pivotal Power designs and manufactures full MIL-SPEC power conversion equipment, inverters, battery chargers and other power management systems for shipboard, ground-based and airborne communications

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