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25 Jan 07. FRES
Advert in MoD Contracts Bulletin 25/01/2007

MOD Pro-forma Possible Future Purchase

FRES Utility Vehicle
Possible Future Purchase No:FRES/0035
Deadline for Expression of Interest (PFP Section Only):23.02.2007
Proposed/Estimated ITT Issue Date:01.03.2007
Proposed/Estimated ITT Return Date:02.04.2007
Proposed Issue Date of Contract (where known):
Date sent to EU Journal:
Issuing Branch/Organisation Details:

IPT: Future Rapid Effects System (FRES), Cluster: Comms Network Cluster (DPA), Agency: DPA

Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) Comms Network Cluster (DPA) DPA
YEW 1A #1142, MOD Abbey Wood,
BS34 8JH

Tel: 0117 91 31388
Fax: 0117 91 31925
Email: fres-cb1a@dpa.mod.uk

Summary of Requirements / Description of Work:
1. The Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) IPT is tasked to deliver the UK programme to provide the British Army with a family of medium-weight, network-enabled, air-deployable armoured vehicles to meet up to 17 different roles.

2. FRES will provide the backbone of the medium weight element of the Army’s Balanced Force consisting of Heavy, Medium and Light forces. The FRES programme will deliver armoured vehicles that will form the central pillar of the medium weight force with utility across the spectrum of conflict from Peacekeeping to Major Combat Operations. Based on FRES, our medium forces will have greater firepower, protection and mobility than light forces but with the advantage of being more rapidly deployable and less logistically constrained than heavy forces.

3. The total capability is expected to comprise families of vehicles; Utility, Reconnaissance, Fires and Manoeuvre Support. An incremental approach to capability delivery is envisaged and the current planning assumption is that the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) will equip a Mechanised Infantry Battalion with selected elements of the Utility fleet. There will be a phased approach to delivering the full capability thereafter.

4. The IOC comprises the delivery of approximately 120 Utility Vehicles (UV) in a number of role-specific configurations that are fully capable, supportable and deployable in trained units. The total number of vehicles required for the FRES Utility Family is currently expected to be in the region of 2000. The full requirement for these vehicles is set out in the FRES Utility Vehicle System Requirements Document (UV SRD).

5. The programme is currently in its initial Assessment Phase. The Acquisition Strategy for future phases has been endorsed by Min (DP). This includes the establishment of an alliance arrangement, to be led by the Department as client, supported by a strong and independent industrial player acting in the role of System of Systems Integrator (SOSI). The strategy will involve a strong competitive element at all levels of the supply chain. This will include a competition to select the System of Systems Integrator (SOSI) and separate competitions to select each family of FRES Vehicles. Alliance membership will expand as competitive selections are made.

6. FRES is the Army’s highest priority equipment programme. The Department and Industry have been challenged by Min DP to deliver the FRES capability more quickly than has been historically achieved for comparable AFV programmes, retaining the potential for delivering an Initial Operating Capability early in the next decade. In this context we are now preparing to launch the next phase of the UV programme.

7. This advertisement is the single point of entry for companies wishing to participate in the entire UV programme. The first stage in this programme is separate, concurrent UV Design and UV Integrator competitions. These competitions will result in the selection of one or more UV Designs and one or two UV Integrators. These selections will inform the generation of one or two UV Provider Teams

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