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Partnering in the Provision of Defence Capability and Services
7 September 2005
RUSI, Whitehall, London, UK
The symposium will facilitate debate between the MoD and the defence industry on how both sides can improve partnerships and deliver projects to time and cost.

Military Capability in the 21st Century
12 September 2005
RUSI, Whitehall, London, UK
The RUSI ‘DSEi Exhibition Conference 2005; Military Capability in the 21st Century’, in association with the Ministry of Defence, will provide an intellectual introduction to the biennial DSEi exhibition. Senior members of the UK’s defence community will lead discussion in an international forum on the factors that shape the requirement for military capabilities in the evolving strategic environment.
* Lord Drayson : Minister of State for Defence Procurement, will give the closing address of the conference, a statement on ‘Defence Industrial Strategy’. This will be the first address given by Lord Drayson in his new appointment.

HSR Workshop: London Bombings
16 September 2005
The two terrorist attacks of July 2005 marked the realisation of a serious and substantial terrorist threat to the UK. Rooted to a large extent inside our own community, it is a threat that combines ideological fervour with common criminality.
Now under unprecedented scrutiny, the UK’s counter-terrorism policy and international partnerships are being substantially reviewed, with additional spending on the police, a global suspect database and legislation covering offences of preparing, training for and inciting terror acts being proposed.
This RUSI HSR one-day workshop will analyse and enable discussion of the current threat and the demands placed on the emergency services and other key actors including the media and voluntary sector. It will also attend to the consequences – immediate and long-term – of the events of July 2005, including the effects of proposed legislation on civil liberties and the consequences of the London bombings for the UK’s tourist industry.

Strategic Implications for UK Government Policy Overseas
19 September: 1400–1630: RUSI
The Launch of the RUSI-WEF ‘Joint Energy Security Programme’. Supported by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
This seminar will present a unique, updated analysis of the strategic roles that both the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Ministry of Defence have for optimising domestic and international energy security, and for reducing risks associated with the production, transit, storage and supply of energy.

Managing the Juggernaut: Technology, Process and Organization for Delivering Assured Capability in Networked C4ISTAR
20-22 September 2005
Theatre Complex, Great Malvern, UK
This conference will look at the challenges delivering networked C4ISTAR,with a particular emphasis on transformation in organization, structures and processes to deliver an assured capability. As well as hearing up-to-date briefings from all the key stakeholders, the conference will provide a forum for pro-active and productive dialogue on the key challenges facing the customer and supplier.

Joining up the Sectors
27-28 September 2005
RUSI, Whitehall, London, UK
This conference will analyze the requirement and challenges for cross-sector working and debate the need for integrated structures throughout all stages of emergency planning, response and recovery. Bringing together key speakers from central, local and regional government, business and the emergency services, this newly established Annual HSR Conference aims to address the key issues regarding doctrine, interoperability and responsibility.

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