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08 Jan 14. MTSI and Guardtime launch new defence-grade turnkey threat intelligence appliance. Modern Technology Solutions (MTSI) and Guardtime have introduced a new keyless signature infrastructure (KSI) appliance component for next-generation enterprise integrity protection and real-time threat detection, contextual threat intelligence, and rapid incident response. Dubbed GuardView Videri, the tool provides the US Department of Defense (DoD) intelligence community (IC) customers and commercial enterprises with a defence-grade turnkey solution to access the Guardtime KSI, providing immutable proof of reliability of their digital assets, advanced persistent threat (APT) detection, reaction, insider threat eradication, and data loss prevention(DLP). A latest addition to Guardtime’s GuardView family of DoD and IC solutions, Videri is built on supply-chain specified qualified hardware, and backed by expert analysis of existing DoD/IC best practices and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements to operate in the most secure and mission critical operating environments. (Source: army-technology.com)

07 Jan 14. Cyber Squared Inc. announced that ThreatConnect™, the leading threat intelligence platform, has added the ThreatConnect™ API to their platform for public, private and on-premises customers. The ThreatConnect™ API is a premium offering that allows users the opportunity to pivot through indicators and groups and any associations they have, set up custom watchlists to receive customized, real-time data on indicators, and set up multiple API accounts for different applications, use-cases, and access levels. It provides users and partners the ability to integrate their own knowledge as well as leverage the growing body of crowd sourced and shared Threat Intelligence from within ThreatConnect™ communities. Together, this provides unrivaled understanding of advanced cyber threats. With the ThreatConnect™ API’s Pivot functionality, users have the power to move through the data in the same manner as the ThreatConnect™ user interface, ensuring that no context is lost. This includes the ability to:
Query any Indicator and its associations
Query any Group and its associations
Query Indicator and Group attributes and tags
Query any data from a common tag
Through the use of community sourced tags, confidence ratings, and attributes, the ThreatConnect™ API delivers more integrated products and lets users make more intelligent decisions based on their data. The watchlist capability is very useful as users can get updates on only what’s new about a particular threat, which means they don’t get bogged down in details and information they are already aware of. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)


Cassidian, the security and defence arm of EADS, is a worldwide leader in security and defence solutions. The company delivers advanced defence systems along the whole action chain from sensors through command & control systems to combat aircraft and unmanned air systems. In the area of security, Cassidian provides customers worldwide with border surveillance systems, cyber security solutions and secure communications and in 2012, Cassidian – with around 23,000 employees worldwide; achieved revenues of € 5.7 billion. With headquarters in South Wales, the Cassidian UK business specialises in secure infrastructure and services and benefits from access to the wider Cassidian portfolio. Cassidian is a trusted partner to Governments and one of the first four organisations certified by the UK Government for cyber incident response and clean up. Cassidian is also a global leader in high grade encryption solutions and key management. Ectocryp® is a suite of encryption products (both voice and data) which are current

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