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02 Aug 13. Allen-Vanguard International, a global leader in Counter-Threat Solutions, announced the launch of its highly sophisticated Open Source Intelligence Portal, (cts.allenvanguard.com), designed to provide users with secure, anytime, anywhere access to threat intelligence reporting online or via mobile devices. This web-based system directly supports government, military and commercial organizations whose operations put their personnel and assets at risk. The Portal’s strength lies in its unique ability to fuse a broad spectrum of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) with world-class expert analysis to deliver insightful threat intelligence. Customers securely access this mission-critical information using a set of filters to sort and view the intelligence in a manner that best suits their operational requirements. The results can be either geo-spatially displayed to reveal trends and spot potential risks, or downloaded to augment an organization’s existing intelligence infrastructure. The Portal has been tested and approved by military, law enforcement and commercial agencies who wanted to strengthen their security operations against potential terrorist threats. Allen-Vanguard’s team of experienced Intelligence Analysts provide live support and customized reporting to users as an incident develops. The Portal is offered through subscriptions based on increasing levels of searchable access to Allen-Vanguard’s TRITON® database, the world’s largest repository of Open-Source terrorist incidents. TRITON holds over 170,000 incidents and provides invaluable context for understanding the composition of current threat networks and global trends. Subscriptions can also be enhanced to include customized intelligence reporting services that focus on the specific needs of individual organizations. As customer requirements evolve and the portal develops, the software has been designed to incorporate more advanced features such as asset-tracking and user-generated reporting that allow an organization to insert its own information for a truly integrated perspective.

31 Jul 13. U.S. regulators are investigating how International
Business Machines Corp reports revenue from its cloud computing business, the company said on Wednesday. IBM said it learned of the investigation, being conducted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in May. The company made the disclosure in its quarterly report filed with the SEC. It gave no details on the probe. IBM, which does not break out its cloud computing revenue separately, has said it aims to generate $7bn annually in revenue from cloud services by the end of 2015. Cloud computing lets companies rent computing power, storage and other services from data centers shared with other customers – typically cheaper and more flexible than maintaining their own. Some analysts said the SEC probe likely would not affect IBM much. “At first glance, this may appear to be a concerning issue; however, we believe cloud revenue recognition can be ‘cloudy’ at times, given the nascent stages of its development, and we do not expect a material impact on IBM from this investigation,” said Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White. He added that cloud computing can include software, server, storage, network or databases used in different layers of the cloud, and not all have “clear-cut revenue recognition policies.”Last month IBM expanded its cloud offerings with the $2bn acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies. IBM said it was cooperating with the SEC and repeated a disclosure made on April 30 that the Department of Justice is investigating allegations of illegal
activity by a former IBM employee in Poland, as well as transactions in Argentina, Bangladesh and Ukraine. It said the Justice Department is also still seeking information regarding the company’s global compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and its public sector business. (Source: Reuters)

31 Jul 13. KEYW Corporation announced the fo

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