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16 Aug 13. China’s Ministry of Public Security and a cabinet-level research center are preparing to investigate IBM Corp, Oracle Corp and EMC Corp over security issues, the official Shanghai Securities News said on Friday. The report follows revelations by former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden of widespread surveillance by the National Security Agency. It also comes as Beijing probes Western drugmakers over allegations of bribery and over-pricing. Documents leaked by Snowden revealed that the NSA has had access to vast amounts of Internet data such as emails, chat rooms and video from companies including Facebook Inc. and Google Inc., under a government program known as Prism. (Source: Open Source Information Report)

21 Aug 13. Because many of the cyber attacks that happen in corporations today involve people wielding valid digital credentials, all the firewalls or virus and intrusion detection systems in the world can’t prevent a breach. To spot anomalies and reduce risk, organizations need ways to continuously monitor employees’ and other approved users’ access to company resources. That’s why Courion Corporation, a leading authority in intelligent identity and access management (IAM), has joined the Advanced Cyber Security Center (ACSC), a non-profit corporation launched by Mass Insight Global Partnerships, which brings industry, university and government organizations together to address sophisticated cyber security challenges. With 17 years of experience, Courion is helping more than 500 organizations safely manage their critical IT assets from unwanted access. Courion’s extensive background brings expertise to the ACSC that will strengthen the Center’s understanding of how IAM and security and risk management tools complement each other to battle the security threats Fortune 500 companies face each day. The ACSC takes advantage of New England’s unparalleled university, industrial and research resources to develop next-generation solutions and strategies for protecting the nation’s public and private IT infrastructure. Courion will also participate in the ACSC’s Cyber Tuesday program, a bi-weekly engagement for front-line staff that convenes to share leading threat indicators and exchange insights on emerging advanced persistent threat (APT) activity and best practices. Cyber Tuesday is just one of several initiatives ACSC members participate in to help protect New England organizations from the rapidly evolving advanced and persistent cyber threats. Courion will also help drive ACSC’s mission to support New England’s role as a center for cyber security R+D, education, talent and jobs. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

Cassidian, the security and defence arm of EADS, is a worldwide leader in security and defence solutions. The company delivers advanced defence systems along the whole action chain from sensors through command & control systems to combat aircraft and unmanned air systems. In the area of security, Cassidian provides customers worldwide with border surveillance systems, cyber security solutions and secure communications and in 2012, Cassidian – with around 23,000 employees worldwide; achieved revenues of € 5.7 billion. With headquarters in South Wales, the Cassidian UK business specialises in secure infrastructure and services and benefits from access to the wider Cassidian portfolio. Cassidian is a trusted partner to Governments and one of the first four organisations certified by the UK Government for cyber incident response and clean up. Cassidian is also a global leader in high grade encryption solutions and key management. Ectocryp® is a suite of encryption products (both voice and data) which are currently in use in the UK, secure data up to Top Secret and have the highest encrypti

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