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25 Feb 13. Sypris Electronics LLC, announced the release of their next generation Sypris Cyber Range to address the rising tide of Advanced Cyber Threats. The Sypris Range is a Virtual Training Platform and Modeling & Simulation Engine for use by the global commercial sector, governments and critical infrastructures worldwide to prepare cybersecurity professionals in the detection and prevention of cyber attacks. The Cyber Range incorporates realistic environments to conduct cyber operations & analytics to implement cyber warfare scenarios in a virtual training environment. The Sypris Cyber Range pairs a virtual environment with hands-on training, assessments, and analytics. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

26 Feb 13. Glimmerglass Announces CyberSweep™ Path Manager 2.0. Glimmerglass, the leader in fully integrated, Intelligent cyber solutions, announced version 2.0 of CyberSweep™ Path Manager. Path Manager software provides a management environment for CyberSweep™, a fully integrated platform that provides Cyber Security customers with the most agile architecture for the extraction and analysis of actionable information from optical signals. (Source: BUSINESS WIRE)

25 Feb 13. The Chinese government has been blamed for recently hacking the New York Times – an allegation they deny. February kicked off with reports from the New York Times that their computer networks had been breached by Chinese hackers. A few weeks later, US Computer Security firm Mandiant, released a report [PDF] which purported to link Chinese cyber attacks against 141 US companies to a section of the People’s Liberation Army (Unit 61398). Just two days after the release of the report, the US government announced a new strategy for dealing with such attacks and released a 142 page policy document on “Mitigating the Theft of US Trade Secrets.” This all makes for excellent drama. State sponsored villainy, high-tech skullduggery and victims facing clear and present danger. The media frenzy that followed is understandable, predictable and completely dangerous. We have seen this movie before and with the ever-growing moves to militarise the internet, it would behoove us to pause for a bit before hauling out the pitchforks. Does China have a military unit dedicated to Computer Network Operations (CNO)? Certainly. But this is perfectly normal for most developed countries today. Wikipedia claims that Israeli unit 8200 is the largest unit in the Israeli army and the American NSA has always taken pride in the number of PhD mathematicians it employs. Lots of ink has been dedicated over the past few years to the formation of US Cyber Command which is dedicated to US Cyberspace Operations and there have been just as many articles written on the drive to draft cyber warriors into the military (recently, the DoD even created new medals [PDF] to hand out for this “new” theatre of war). (Source: Len Zuga/Reuters)

24 Feb 13. Airbus parent EADS and German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp recorded major attacks by Chinese hackers in 2012, German magazine Der Spiegel reported, citing unidentified people within the two companies. That is a trend seen throughout the German economy, where companies are increasingly being attacked by Chinese hackers, the magazine said, citing information from the German government. A spokesman for EADS told Reuters the attacks were “standard attacks” and the company was working closely with government authorities on the issue of cyber security. ThyssenKrupp also confirmed an attack, saying it took place in the United States from a Chinese internet address and that it had no information as to what data the attackers obtained, according to Der Spiegel. ThyssenKrupp was not immediately available for comment when tried by Reuters. The Chinese embassy in Berlin and the German economy ministry were also not immediately available to comment. (Source: Reuters)

25 Feb 13. General Dynamics C4 Systems announced a strategic partnership with Samsung to incor

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