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20 Aug 12. The U.S. Defense Department is falling behind on a plan that was intended to allow it to buy critical cyber tools quickly. The delay is due to concerns that the strategy’s bureaucracy would only slow the purchasing process, sources familiar with the plan and the internal deliberations said. The delay, at a minimum a significant postponement for reconsideration of sections of the plan and at worst a complete rethink, casts into doubt how the Pentagon will keep up with the rapid pace of technical innovation in a rapidly changing world. The Pentagon was directed to come up with a strategy as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011. It was supposed to be done by the middle of 2011, but was not sent to congressional committees until this April. It has become known as the “933 report,” because it was mandated in section 933 of the authorization act. (Source: Defense News)

21 Aug 12. 3e Technologies International (3eTI®), an Ultra Electronics company will soon release its next version of the EtherGuard® HSE, EtherGuard L3. The new EtherGuard L3 will continue to provide high-speed data encryption for enhanced performance, while using Layer 3 Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 certified encryption to securely transmit data over large open networks. With the EtherGuard L3, 3eTI will offer network operators more flexible configuration options using TCP/IP routing for securing critical data links. EtherGuard L3 will provide impenetrable point-to-point or point to-multipoint data security in the network layer, which is responsible for packet forwarding and transferring data sequences – effectively protecting against external malicious attacks from worms, spyware, or malware. Using proprietary DarkNode™ technology, the EtherGuard L3 will expand cyber secure protection over TCP/IP networks – providing a more scalable network for the ultimate in end device high-speed, high-grade encryption. In addition to integrating the new Layer 3 routing capability, the EtherGuard L3 will include the same key features as the HSE, including:
• FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validation and 256 bit AES encryption (NSA Suite B capable)
• Exceptionally low latency at 0.5 ms
• High-speed LAN encryption for voice and data
• SWaP-optimized design and DIN rail mount for quick and easy deployments
• Industrial-rated temperatures between -40oC and 70oC
• Easy-to-use management through web-based, centralized user interface

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