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23 Mar 12. US, UK continue cyber collaboration. The United States and UK are continuing to co-operate over cyber security and are focusing on six key areas intended to make the cyber domain more secure. President Barack Obama re-affirmed the partnership between the two countries on 15 March during Prime Minister David Cameron’s state visit to Washington, DC. (Source: Jane’s, JDW)

02 Apr 12. Sluggish moves to counter the rising threat of cyber-attacks can be blamed on a generation of policymakers out of touch with rapid technological change, a senior U.S. official said April 2.
“The truth is there are a lot of senior officials in many countries who barely even know how to use an email,” Rose Gottemoeller, U.S. acting undersecretary for arms control and international security, said during a visit to Estonia. “The change will come with the new generation,” she told the audience at a lecture delivered at the Estonian IT College, in the Baltic state’s capital Tallinn. Estonia is one of the world’s most wired nations, and its high-tech savvy has earned it the nickname “E-Stonia”. Home to NATO’s cyber defense center, founded in 2008, the nation of 1.3 million has been at the forefront of efforts to preempt cyber-attacks. Estonia has bitter experience in the field. A politically charged dispute with its Soviet-era master Moscow in 2007 was marked by a blistering cyber-attack blamed on Russian hackers — though the Kremlin denied any involvement. Gottemoeller also said governments should consider incorporating open-source IT and social networking into arms control verification and monitoring. “In order to pursue the goal of a world free from nuclear weapons, we are going to have to think bigger and bolder,” she explained. (Source: Defense News)

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