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08 Jul 013. CTruk will be unveiling THOR, Twin Hulled Offshore Raider, at DSEI. THOR will be starring in the waterborne demonstration adjacent to the ExCel venue and will be proving its capabilities as a fast, stable and multi-role force protection craft.

Designed by CTruk, THOR incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided by the CTruk CAP consortium (see notes for detail). The companies that form CTruk CAP have joined forces to compete in a market dominated by larger corporations.

The result of this teamwork is THOR: a multi-role, reconfigurable and affordable vessel with a range of applications from force protection to disaster relief. THOR has a lightweight composite construction, which gives excellent fuel efficiency, thereby saving on operating costs and maximising time on task. With a top speed in excess of 40 knots, THOR is fast and suitable for sustained operations over long distances and time periods. It can be rapidly deployed via a C17 or A400M and also from a CTruk 50T mother ship.

Alastair Stangroom, Director of Operations for CTruk’s Military and Security Division, commented, “We are all extremely excited about the launch of THOR. Not only is it an outstanding and ingenious design, but the combined creative excellence of the CTruk CAP consortium has delivered a vessel that ticks all the boxes in terms of multi-role, high performance and cost efficiency.”

THOR has been designed and built by CTruk and incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided through the CTruk Collaborative Amphibious Project (CTruk CAP): a consortium of companies that have joined forces to compete in a market dominated by larger corporations.

With CTruk as the lead, the other companies involved in the CTruk CAP are:
. Barrus -Twin Yanmar 8LV-370, 370hp Marine Diesel Inboard Engines and engineering support. Additional 24v alternators to power the control system of the Rolls Royce Jet Drives and a modified water pump mounting position to provide improved accessibility.
. CA Clase -KVH GyroTrac compass. A digital magnetic compass stabilised by a three-axis gyro sensor which provides drift free precision.
. FLIR Systems -TALON 25x marinised compact surveillance system for long-range target identification and tracking.
. Forsberg Services -CPUPak integrated navigation system for precise navigation, sensors, targeting and weapon systems -in conjunction with NovAtel .
. Kelvin Hughes -SharpEye SCV (small craft variant) solid state radar.
. NovAtel -GAJT GPS Anti-Jam Technology -in conjunction with Forsberg Services.
. Rolls-Royce -Kamewa waterjet propulsion.
. Saab -Trackfire 50Cal Remote Weapon Station.
. SCICYS -System integrators.
. Scot Seats -Internal crew and troop shock mitigated seating.
. Talking Headsets -Headset communications and helmets.
. TenCate Advanced Armour -Ballistic protection.
. Trend Marine Products Ltd -Bullet resistant hull glazing.
. Vision4ce -Ruggedised PCs client and servers.

CTruk is a leading designer and builder of multi-purpose composite marine craft that have a proven track-record as offshore wind support vessels as well as numerous applications in the military and security, disaster relief and commercial sectors.

CTruk THOR (Twin Hulled Offshore Raider) has been designed to fulfil a number of roles including:
. Force protection of the amphibious sea lanes
. Casualty extraction
. Pre-landing force
. Riverine patrol
. Protection of harbours and offshore installations
. Disaster relief

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