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28 Oct 04. DRS Technologies Inc. has received $39.5m in new orders to provide rugged appliqué computer systems for the Army’s FBCB2 program. Delivery of more than 4,000 systems will start in early 2005 and continue throughout the year. The systems will be installed on M1A2 Abrams battle tanks and M2A3 Bradley fighting vehicles to support Army and Marine Corps operations.

21 Oct 04. ITT Industries’ Aerospace/Communications Division (A/CD) has received a $113m order from the U.S. Army to provide advanced communication systems and support for frontline soldiers. The Army is purchasing 20,000 of ITT’s advanced version Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS) for use by troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. The $113m order is in addition to $103m in orders placed by the Army this year with ITT. In addition to U.S. sales of SINCGARS, there has been nearly $13m in direct sales to allied countries bringing the total value of orders to $229m.

20 Oct 04. BAE Systems recently received a $12.2m contract to provide low-voltage power supplies to refit its AN/ALR-56C systems. The ALR-56C provides radar warning and situation awareness for the U.S. and Saudi Air Force’s F-15 C/D/E aircraft. The ALR-56C, is part of the fighter aircraft’s integrated Tactical Electronic Warfare System. These next-generation power supplies will replace 20-year-old power supplies currently on board the F-15 fleet.

28 Oct 04. Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded an aviation maintenance-training contract by Sikorsky Support Services, Inc., Stratford, Conn. to provide maintenance training to U.S. armed forces. Five companies will compete for task orders under the indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity U.S. Army Aviation Joint Administrative Management Support Services contract. Northrop Grumman’s Information Technology (IT) sector, as a subcontractor to Sikorsky Support Services, has the potential to win approximately $80m in task orders over 10 years. As part of the contract, Northrop Grumman has the potential to provide aviation maintenance training for multiple helicopter airframes. This training includes front-end analysis, design, and multimedia production and products.

29 Oct 04. As part of the Dutch Digitised Soldier System (D2S2) programme, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Defence has awarded Thales a contract to develop and deliver prototype systems that will be the key components of the future Dutch digitised soldier system. These components will provide the Netherlands’ infantry with a communications infrastructure to meet the exact operational needs of its forces. This contract includes soldier radios, a central processing computer with a unique user-friendly control unit and dedicated soldier and commander interactive displays. The system will be linked to the Netherlands Army’s command & control battle management system. With this new capability, the soldier will become a “individual network” integrated into the company chain of command. This will enable the Netherlands’ Armed Forces to increase the tempo of its operations and improve survivability by providing real time accurate information to those who need it. A key factor in Thales’ selection was the Group’s open systems engineering approach which enables the Netherlands’ Armed Forces to gain the maximum benefit from legacy equipment and benefit from future upgrades and changes in technology. This provides a robust evolutionary capability that will benefit the defence organization in the long term. The systems are very low weight and modular, which are key drivers in the development process to ensure that the systems are ideally suited to the new threats and operational requirements of the Netherlands’ forces. Thales digitised suite of open-standard radios provides greater interoperability, which is critical to mission success in joint operations.

22 Oct 04. General Dynamics Corp’s Canadian land systems unit received a $4m contract to perform feasibility studie

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