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23 Jan 03. The U.K. MoD will evaluate a remote control vehicle (RCV) for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) manufactured by REMOTEC UK Ltd., a subsidiary
of Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC). REMOTEC UK has received a contract for the RCV as a member of a BAE SYSTEMS-led consortium from the MOD’s Special Projects office to deliver the RCV for trials. The prototype RCV selected for the project will eventually replace the current in-service vehicle, the Wheelbarrow Mk8B, which also was designed by REMOTEC UK. An equivalent contract has been awarded to one other competitor. After conducting the trials and selecting a winner, the MOD will award a contract for approximately 150 of the vehicles.

22 Jan 03. In a contract placed recently by Raytheon Systems Ltd (Harlow, Essex, England) Smiths Detection is to supply chemical warfare detection equipment for the ground stations of the ASTOR programme. The contract with a value of around Pounds Sterling 300K calls for delivery of the GID-3 & Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM) to fulfil a variety of chemical defence roles in and around the ground stations for the ASTOR programme. Raytheon placed the contract following evaluation of internationally available competitors and negotiations as to availability and delivery of the equipment to match the delivery programme of ASTOR. Other requirements of the programme include supply of various alarm systems and C(squared) capabilities from the detectors.

23 Jan 03. BAE SYSTEMS has been awarded a contract worth over £150m from the UK MoD for the continuation of the Harrier GR9 sustainment and upgrade programme. The total value of the programme is expected to exceed £500m through a series of further incremental contracts anticipated over the next two years. The full GR9 upgrade will give the existing UK GR7 Harriers updated digital systems. Integration and clearance of digital weapons will allow the RAF to hit a wider range of targets harder, at longer range and with less risk to aircrew. This initial upgrade will introduce a baseline aircraft system capability that will allow the aircraft to carry and integrate smart weapons such as Brimstone and precision guided bombs and support an enhanced integration of legacy weapons such as Maverick and Sidewinder AIM9L. The programme will also include an upgrade to the two-seater TMk10 training aircraft to TMk1 the equivalent of the GR9 standard.

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