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28 May 14. Rheinmetall wins major contract from Sweden for military trucks: joint order with Norway could push total value to €2bn. Rheinmetall has just booked another big order for its state-of-the-art, high-mobility truck families. In the medium term, Norway and Sweden intend to buy as many as two thousand military logistics vehicles with a total value of over €1bn. Following the Norwegian procurement authorities, Sweden too signed the framework agreement for joint procurement of military logistics vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV). As a first step, the Swedish armed forces have placed an order for a first lot of 215 vehicles in various configurations. Of these, 51 will have specially protected driver’s cabs, developed and manufactured by Rheinmetall. Together, the armed forces of Sweden and Norway have thus ordered a total of 335 vehicles now in 14 different configurations, worth some €200m. The first lot – consisting of a mix of different models – will be delivered between the end of 2015 and end of 2017. Although the framework agreement does not contain details concerning the number of vehicles to be purchased, it expresses the intent of the procurement authorities of Sweden and Norway to buy up to 2,000 military logistics vehicles during the 2014-2026 timeframe. As a result, the total order value of the joint procurement programme would exceed €1bn. A service agreement covering all of the vehicles supplied has also been signed. Covering an optional period of three decades, it could potentially mean over €1bn in additional sales.


The U.K. MoD awarded BAE Systems a $28m (£16.7m) contract for the third-generation (Gen3) configuration of its Common Missile Warning System (CMWS). This contract, which represents the first direct commercial sale of BAE Systems’ Gen3 CMWS technology, will enable the U.K. military to provide its aircrews with the latest CMWS survivability equipment. BAE Systems’ CMWS, which has nearly 10 years of in-theater combat experience, is a highly automated and tightly integrated survivability suite that locates threats and executes countermeasures to protect aircraft and personnel. Recently delivered to the U.S. Army, the Gen3 system includes both hostile fire indication to detect and evade small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades, and new data recording capabilities for detailed post-mission analysis. The MoD award, which brings the U.K. MoD procurement of CMWS units to more than 300 systems, also includes user data modules that enable user-defined parameter changes to customize aircraft installations as well as supporting data and services. The new systems will be used to replace some previously purchased Gen2 CMWS units and to outfit new aircraft. The CMWS units will be installed on several U.K. platforms, including Apache, Chinook, Wildcat, and Merlin aircraft.

28 May 14. Esterline CMC to supply flight management system for C-27J Spartan aircraft. Alenia Aermacchi, an Italian aerospace company and subsidiary of Finmeccanica, has selected Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) to supply the flight management system (FMS) for its C-27J Spartan fleet and for Team Spartan’s offering for the upcoming fixed-wing search-and-rescue replacement (FWSAR) programme. The announcement comes after the recent selection of CMC’s TacView Portable Mission Display and SureSight Enhanced Vision System sensor by Alenia for its Team Spartan in Canada. (Source: airforce-technology.com)

28 May 14. Oxley Group has received a substantial order for the supply of the company’s revolutionary LED landing and taxi light

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