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17 Oct 12. Elektrobit to supply Tough VoIP systems to Finnish Army. Elektrobit has been awarded a contract for the delivery of its Tough VoIP tactical communication systems to the Finnish Army. The undisclosed contract represents a continuation of a previous agreement signed by EB in 2009 for pilot series delivery of VoIP systems to the army for extensive field trials. Finnish Army Materiel Command Headquarters procurement engineer Hannu Pohjola said the procurement order allowed for extensive testing of products beforehand in real operating conditions. EB Tough VoIP product range senior product manager Mikko Viitaniemi said the contract confirmed the product could address Finland’s stringent defence requirements. (Source: armytechnology.com)

19 Oct 12. Revision Military secured a landmark contract to supply the Danish Military with the Batlskin™ Cobra Helmet, an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene shell, as well as components of the that accompany the Battleskin Modular Head Protection System. Part of a seven year contract, the company will deliver an initial 4,335 Batlskin Cobra helmet systems including a high-performance liner, ergonomic Retention System and Multipurpose Front Mount. All of the complete systems will be delivered to the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), which will have the option to purchase additional Batlskin helmet-mounted components including the Batlskin Visor and Mandible Guard. Revision was awarded the Danish contract for a lighter-weight, blunt force, blast and ballistic higher protection level helmet after being shortlisted to one of only several competitors able to fulfill this requirement. Testing of the Batlskin system was conducted at the Danish army test centre with involvement from Army and Air Force military branches. Revision ultimately won the bid with high technical compliance scores, favorable end-user trials which were weighted at 60 percent of the evaluation and good price/value for this state-of-the-art head protection system.

19 Oct 12. The NATO Support Agency (NSPA) has awarded Sagem (Safran group) a new contract for 126 JIM LR (long range) multifunction infrared binoculars for the Danish Ministry of Defense. JIM LR binoculars incorporate a number of features in a single portable optronics package, including day/night (infrared) vision, range finding, magnetic compass, GPS, laser pointer and data transmission. The models intended for Denmark will also include an infrared and visible image fusion function, enabling all-weather vision and the ability to see through camouflage in the daytime. They will also be able to record images and videos via a USB port.

16 Oct 12. Thales has been chosen by DIRISI to develop, implement and maintain their future logistics information system. This maintenance control system and management of technical standards will further unify the transformation of DIRSI support. With its previous industrial experience managing equipment and implementation of logistics information systems to support critical systems, Thales has become a trusted partner of the armed forces in the optimization of their support systems. Among its major clients, the Group has already implemented complete supply chains (including logistics information systems) under the NATO contract to secure communications in Afghanistan and the contract to maintain operational condition of the military telecommunications network from the Syracuse III satellites.


15 Oct 12. BAE Systems has received a contract modification from the UK Land Forces HQ Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) to continue providing advisory web-based aviation deconfliction planning services (ADPS). The unspecified contract modification follows the original award secured by BAE in September 2011, and covers the supply of ADPS to the UK Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy for one year. ADPS is based on BAE’s centralised aviation data service (CADS) solution, wh

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