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28 Jun 12. Saab has received an order from BAE Systems in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, for sight and fire control system UTAAS (Universal Tank and Anti-Aircraft Sight). The order amount is SEK 110m. The contract covers new sight systems, including virtual image displays, and upgrade and modification of the existing systems on combat vehicle CV9030N, for the Norwegian Army. The development and production will take place in Sweden. Deliveries are scheduled for two years starting from August 2012.

29 Jun 12. Saab has signed a four year agreement with BAE Systems in Örnsköldsvik. The agreement, which is for the period 2013-2016, includes the delivery of automotive electronics for 144 Norwegian CV90 infantry fighting vehicles. The agreement has a total order value of SEK 131m. BAE Systems in Örnsköldsvik has received an order from the Norwegian Armed Forces to implement an upgrade programme for the Norwegian CV90 infantry fighting vehicle. In turn, BAE Systems has signed an agreement with Saab regarding the supply of automotive electronics for displaying vehicle, command and sensor information. The deliveries include a computer network and operator displays as well as digital video systems with cameras.


27 Jun 12. The Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization and Thales Nederland signed an agreement to modify the four SMART-L volume search radars installed on the “De Zeven Provinciën” class air defence and command frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The new SMART-L radar will be optimized for the early detection of ballistic missiles. SMART-L will be able to detect ballistic missiles shortly after their launch. It has this early warning capability simultaneously with its traditional air defence capability. SMART-L will be able to detect and track several threats simultaneously and make an accurate calculation of each missile’s ballistic trajectory, and accurately estimate its point of impact as well as its launch position. SMART-L is a volume search radar that scans large volumes of the air space so that it can detect missiles without external cues. (Source: ASD Network)



28 Jun 12. Black Diamond Advanced Technology has been awarded a contract for delivery of its Modular Tactical System (MTS) to the US Air Force/Air Force Materiel Command Aeronautical Systems Center. The systems delivered under the unspecified, firm fixed-price contract will be integrated into the Battlefield Air Operations (BAO) Operator Control System (OCS) – a dismounted, precision-strike and communications-control solution used primarily by the US Air Force Special Operations Forces (AFSOC). The MTS will enable AFSOC’s Special Tactics Squadrons, Combat Control Teams,
Tactical Air Control Party and Guardian Angel pararescue personnel to satisfy stringent digitally aided close air support requirements, which are necessary for participation in future US and joint operations across the globe. Designed to provide dismounted soldiers with an ultra-rugged, wearable capability for a variety of operations, the MTS is a multi-mission system that supports C4ISR, situational awareness, precision targeting and common control missions. (Source: airforcetechnology.com)
29 Jun 12. ITT Exelis has awarded a subcontract to eMagin for the supply of initial production volumes of display beam combiner assembly (DBCA) for the US Army’s spiral enhanced night vision goggles (SENVGs). The $3.6m award is a part of the original $49.5m contract secured by Exelis from the army in May for SENVGs deliveries and also includes the supply of eMagin’s OLED-XL full colour microdisplays. eMagin president and chief executive officer Andrew Sculley said that the low-power, high contrast, OLED microdisplays would help reduce the power requirements of the SENVG. (Source: armytechnology.com)

27 Jun 12. ReconRobotics, Inc. has been awarded a $13.9m contract by the U.S. Army’s Rapid Equipping Force for up to 1,000 miniature, throwable, mobile robots. Th

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