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12 Jun 12. BAE Systems secured a contract for more than €12.5m ($15.7m) to supply 25 RG32M mine-hardened armoured patrol vehicles to the Finnish Defence Forces. This contract follows Finland’s previous orders for 26 vehicles in 2010 and 23 vehicles in 2011. (Source: ASD Network)

12 Jun 12. GE secured an order for £3.25m (~$5m) from General Dynamics UK for subsystems required for the Demonstration Phase for the Scout Specialist Vehicle family of platforms for the British Army for which General Dynamics UK is currently on contract. The Scout SV family of platforms will deliver a step change in ground-based ISTAR capability. It is a purpose designed ground-based intelligence platform with an array of high performance sensors, coupled with the latest (20 Gbits/second) Gigabit Ethernet intelligent open architecture. This will enable it to capture, analyze, manipulate and store over 6 TeraBytes of intelligence data, including a vast array of still and moving images, and to share this intelligence in real-, or very near real, time, depending on requirement. Thanks to this capability, Scout SV’s crew will be able to provide commanders with better decision-making support material than that currently available only from airborne ISTAR platforms or UAVs. Data will be readily passed to other secure C4I systems, including those of US and other NATO allies. The GE subsystems comprise rugged processors derived from GE’s MAGIC1 and SBC624 Single Board Computer and rugged Ethernet switches derived from GE’s GBX460. They will provide information processing capability for Scout SV, manage on-vehicle networks, control data storage and drive the vehicle’s displays. GE has provided COTS-equivalent solutions to enable General Dynamics UK to begin software development immediately.

07 Jun 12. Spain seeks 3-D mobile radar. Indra has been awarded a contract to design and develop a new mobile 3-D radar that will be capable of matching the specifications of fixed position systems for the Spanish Ministry of Defence (MoD). The project will involve creating a “totally innovative radar” using “concepts and materials that have not previously been used in this market”, the company stated on 4 June. (Source: Jane’s, JDW)

11 Jun 12. Lockheed Martin received a contract form SELEX Galileo for Gyrocam 15 inch Triple Senosr (15TS) systems for the Italina Army. The sensors will be installed on NAVISTAR Defense MaxxPro MRAP vehicles used by the Italian Army.

11 Jun 12. SELEX Galileo signs contracts for latest generation thermal imaging and acoustic systems. SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, has been awarded domestic and export in excess of 24m Euros for Electro-Optic (EO) and land-based acoustic systems. Of the contracts, 10m Euros were for thermal imaging and EO viewing systems for both landbased and airborne applications. For land systems, SELEX Galileo has signed contracts to provide its Tilde family long-wave thermal imaging camera as well as hand-held multifunction thermal imaging cameras in both long and medium waves. For airborne applications, the Company will be delivering its Erica Plus medium wave camera.

14 Jun 12. TenCate Advanced Armour to supply lightweight armour to Daimler. TenCate Advanced Armour has been selected as supplier to Daimler AG for the ballistic protection of the Daimler Zetros protected transport trucks, due to be delivered to the German Bundeswehr. State of the art armour kits have been developed in close cooperation between Daimler and TenCate Advanced Armour. The order is a clear indication of the capability of TenCate Advanced Armour in providing high-end armour solutions to quality driven automotive customers. No financial details will be published.


13 Jun 12. SELEX Elsag supports Serco in supporting UK Armed Forces. The UK Marine business of SELEX Elsag, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a contract to supply a comprehensive communications and navigations suite to the Serco

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