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16 Jul 07. UROVESA chooses Allison fully automatic transmissions for its latest extreme-terrain mobile tactical vehicle. World leading producer of medium and heavy duty automatic gearboxes, Allison Transmission, is now specified as standard in all military and civilian models of UROVESA’s (URO Vehículos Especiales S.A.) latest VAMTAC 4×4 light tactical vehicle. Operating in multiple applications including security forces, adventure and leisure, rescue and emergency, and fire fighting in often remote or hostile conditions, VAMTAC provides extremely reliable performance in even the most challenging terrains. The durability and performance of the transmission plays a large part of this remarkable capability.

04 Jul 07. A contract was signed 3rd July 2007 between the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) and Marshall Specialist Vehicles Ltd (MSV) for the supply and support of two ‘State of the Art’ Mobile Military Hospital Systems. The ceremony, attended by British Ambassador David Powell, took place at Fanehallen, Akershus Fortress, Oslo. The contract is valued at £23m.

18 Jul 07. NSC (Natural Speech Communication Ltd.) will supply Tadiran Communications with its speech recognition technology as a subcontractor for a multi-year project for a large European country. Tadiran was awarded the contract for the creation of a system that enables the recognition and analysis of key words in intercepted communications – as well as the real-time dissemination of critical intelligence. This significant order – which includes the supply of NSC’s advanced key word spotting technology as well as Tadiran’s cutting-edge noise reduction technology – was received after extensive testing and the completion of several successful pilots. NSC’s part of the project is valued at several million dollars. (Source: ASD Network)

02 Jul 07. Poland gives nod to Homar long-range rocket artillery. The Armament Council (Rada Uzbrojenia) of the Polish Ministry of National Defence (MND) has given the go-ahead for Project Homar, the development of a battalion-level multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS), writes Grzegorz Holdanowicz. This is intended to meet a NATO requirement given to the Polish armed forces for a new indirect-fire long-range support system able to attack targets at ranges of 60 km or more. (Source: Jane’s)


16 Jul 07. In a first for the Information Systems and Services Command Support and Intelligence Solutions (CSIS) Integrated Project Team, a nine-year Managed Service contract has been signed with BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies (InSyTe) to deliver an industry-leading, 24/7 availability of the Submarine Broadcast Processing System (SMBPS), the UK’s submarine command, control and communications (C3) system. (Source: MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin)

Jul 07. ROSYTH Dockyard has won the contract to overhaul HMS St Albans, the newest of the Royal Navy type 23 “submarine-hunter” frigates. During the year-long maintenance programme, Babcock Engineering Services will give the ship a thorough overhaul and upgrade, including the installation of a new sonar system and facilities to allow the operation of Merlin helicopters. HMS St Albans was the last one to be built, entering service in September 2002.


05 Jul 07. EO sensor turrets look set to boost RAF Nimrods. An additional eight UK Royal Air Force (RAF) BAE Systems Nimrod MR.2 maritime patrol aircraft will be fitted with L3 Wescam MX-15 electro-optical (EO) sensor turrets by the end of the year to allow all the service’s operational fleet to conduct overland intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) aims to ensure that 12 Nimrods are available to conduct EO surveillance at any one time, according to RAF sources. (Source: Jane’s)



16 Jul 07. DRS Technologies, Inc. received a $20m contract to manufacture Tactical Quiet Generato

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