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23 May 07. Forty Five different vehicles and vehicle/trailer combinations have been assessed for compliance with the recently introduced Whole Body Vibration regulation in the fastest ever programme of its type. Using new test procedures and technologies, Millbrook was able to halve the time typically required for the test procedure. Millbrook won the contract following a competitive tender against the major UK test specialists. It’s experience with military vehicles and its unique ability to simulate a vast range of real operating terrains were complemented by a very competitive price and the promise of turnaround times that would get the vehicles back into the field in record time. The keys to this success are sophisticated new project management systems and a significant investment in new test technologies. Directive 2004/44/EC is unusual in that it requires compliance not during a pre-defined test procedure, but continuously in the workplace. To demonstrate compliance, Millbrook engineers started the programme by using their considerable experience in real-world simulation to define a single, Battle Field Mission drive cycle that incorporates all the most challenging, vibration-inducing characteristics likely to be encountered during real service. The cycle covers all surface types that the vehicle is likely to traverse, including tarmac, gravel, sand and mud, plus a mix of high speed and low speed operation to provide noise and vibration inputs from the powertrain and the vehicles’ aerodynamics.

May 07. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD): New Vehicles. The Engineer in Chief has taken delivery of 18 new protected vehicles destined for the EOD (bomb disposal) teams of 33 Regiment, Royal Engineers. The Tellar vehicles are based on a Mowag chassis, converted by Penman Engineering at a cost of £415,000 each. The 9.5 tonne vehicles are designed to provide EOD teams with enhanced mobility, durability and protection.
Comment: Tellar are expected to be deployed with the Joint Explosives Ordnance Disposal teams on both OP HERRICK and OP TELIC during June 2007. 14 vehicles will probably be deployed, with four retained in the UK for training and reserve. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0720, 21 May 07)

22 May 07. The Swedish Armed Forces has contracted with Savi Technology to deploy its Savi Consignment Management Solution (CMS), which enables in-transit military supplies to be automatically located, tracked and managed. Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin company (NYSE: LMT), designed CMS to interoperate with similar Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based, in-transit visibility networks, which Savi Technology has also deployed for the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO and the defense forces of seven other countries. Sweden procured Savi CMS in order to track their Army, Navy and Air Force consignments for national and multi-national operations.

22 May 07. Smiths Detection has been awarded a contract valued at almost £2m to supply its Lightweight Chemical Detectors (LCD) to the Swedish defence forces, under the country’s Personal Chemical Detection programme.


21 May 07. A contract for approximately £200m has been placed by the UK MoD for the start of the construction of the fourth Astute-class nuclear powered attack submarine as good news for the UK’s submarine design and build capabilities. Boat four is to be named AUDACIOUS. This contract runs to March 2008 and covers initial build work on the submarine. The MoD aims to contract for the whole boat by late 2008, and detailed terms and conditions will be agreed over the intervening period. The final contract placed will cover all aspects of the construction and completion of the submarine. It comes on top of orders for long-lead items that have already been placed with industry both to prepare the way for the construction of AUDACIOUS and to support the industrial infrastructure.


21 May 07. U.K. Army Gets ISTAR Boost Wit

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