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09 Apr 07. BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions Corp. has signed an agreement with Thales Nederland B.V. (Thales) to manufacture and supply Transmit/Receive Modules and Switch Matrix Modules to Thales. These Modules form the heart of the antennae used in Thales’ Active Phase Array Radar (APAR) system. This work builds on the successful development and implementation of Canadian designed and manufactured Transmit/Receive Modules delivered to Thales under a previous contract, which were deployed on Federal German Navy F124 and Royal Netherlands Navy LCF frigates. Complete product manufacturing will be conducted at BreconRidge’s headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and will utilize its specialized microelectronics engineers, staff and production facilities. The contract will be completed over a four year period and represents a significant order intake for the company.

Apr 07. L-3 Communications TRL Technology has purchased a Blighter radar for
integration into their Portable Radar and Optical Surveillance System (PROSS) for evaluation, trial and demonstration purposes.

12 Apr 07. British troops armed with “60km sniper”. The UK’s ground forces in Afghanistan are getting a state-of-the-art precision land attack rocket with twice the range of existing artillery systems. Following a series of successful trials the Guided Multiple Rocket Launch System (GMLRS) has been declared fit for deployment with troops in Afghanistan later this year.

12 Apr 07. Raytheon Company has been awarded an $84.6m contract to produce upgrade kits for its Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal, or
SMART-T, for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, and Canada and the Netherlands. The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) kits expand by a factor of four times the data rate of existing SMART-T systems.

05 Apr 07. £6m win for SEA-led consortium. SEA Group Ltd announces the award of a significant contract from the Ministry of Defence Research Acquisition Organisation. The project for Future Dismounted Close Combat is valued at £6m over a three-year period and will to inform future equipment procurements for the highly complex close combat arena.

11 Apr 07. NBC reconnaissance vehicle – type choice in favour of Thales/ MOWAG. After an evaluation process that lasted several months the Chief of Armament has, in agreement with the Chief of the Armed Forces, made his choice for the NBC reconnaissance vehicle type in favour of Thales Suisse with MOWAG GmbH Kreuzlingen. This concerns a project in procurement planning which will provide a basis for the future application for the procurement of twelve systems in total. The contract for a pre-series vehicle was signed on December 15th 2006 between armasuisse, the procurement and technology centre of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport DDPS, and Thales Suisse. Thales Suisse in Zurich is prime contractor for the project and in addition responsible for the NBC sensor-, analysis- and interpretation solution. Further, Thales ensures the overall functionality of the fully integrated solution within the vehicle. With MOWAG GmbH in Kreuzlingen, another renowned Swiss company, is taking part in the project. MOWAG will build the carrier vehicle Piranha IIIC and integrate the NBC solution.


27 Mar 07. Drumgrange wins major sonar contract. DRUMGRANGE Limited has won a major contract from the MoD, the value is potentially £8 – £10m over 5 years, for the support and advancement of sonar systems. The contract will provide dedicated operational support for the next three years and involves installation, fitting, de-fitting, and sea calibrations – a role that the company’s Portland-based team has successfully fulfilled for the past 8 years.

10 Apr 07. On March 30th, 2007, the Royal Norwegian Navy awarded Thales Underwater Systems a contract for the replacement of the hull mounted sonar for the Oksoy and Alta classes Mine Counter Measure Vessels. The contract,

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