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23 Feb 07. EADS is assisting the German Armed Forces in its deployment of German soldiers abroad by providing protected containers for medical treatment. As the company announced on Friday, EADS Defence Electronics had been given an order for the delivery of 30 protected rescue stations by the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement BWB. The rescue stations are housed in standardised 20-foot containers and ensure initial medical treatment and emergency care of the highest medical and hygienic level.

28 Feb 07. The Estonian Ministry of Defence has signed a contract valued at around €60m with MBDA and SAAB AB for the supply of Mistral air defence missiles (MBDA) and associated Giraffe AMB radars (SAAB AB). The contract was won by the two-company consortium led by MBDA following a competition against Raytheon of the USA. This latest selection makes Estonia the ninth European country and the 27th in the world to be equipped with a Mistral weapon system.

26 Feb 07. QinetiQ led team wins £5m guided 155mm shell contract. QinetiQ, as UK prime contractor for Team ImpaQt, has just secured a £5m contract for a 30 month long Output 6 research programme into 155mm Guided Munition (GM) technology. The programme focuses on reducing overall risk in two key GM technology areas: Guidance navigation and control (GNC) architecture; and composite shell body structural integrity. Team ImpaQt is comprised of the following European defence research and manufacturing organisations: QinetiQ, NEXTER, BAE Systems Bofors AB and MBDA.

26 Feb 07. The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) has ordered encryption equipment for secure radio communications from Sectra. The equipment is primarily intended for use within the Nordic Battlegroup. The order value amounts to SEK11m. The encryption equipment ensures that radio communications between vehicles and troops in the field are protected against eavesdropping. Nordic Battlegroup – cooperation across national boundaries. Sweden has undertaken coordination responsibility for the Nordic Battlegroup, one of the rapid reaction forces established by the EU member states. Beginning on January 1, 2008, and for six months from that date, Sweden will command this rapid reaction force. Nordic Battlegroup consists of a total of approximately 2,500 soldiers to be deployed for crisis management operations within a radius of 6,000 kilometers from Brussels. (Source: ASD Network)


28 Feb 07. The Finnish Air Force has selected Data Link Solutions (DLS) to supply Link 16 Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Low Volume Terminals (LVT) for its fleet of F-18 aircraft. The award was a directed-source Foreign Military Sales procurement through the U.S. Navy Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) MIDS International Program Office. The MIDS-LVT provides a secure, high-capacity, jam-resistant digital data and voice communications capability. The $1m award is the Finnish Air Force’s F-18 “lead the fleet” order for MIDS airborne terminals. To date, DLS has been selected to provide Link 16 capability for the F-18 fleets of Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and Norway. The award augments the SPAWAR Lot 7 award of $40.2 million for MIDS terminals for use by U.S. and coalition forces.

01 Mar 07. EDO Corporation has been awarded a $1.5m contract for practice-bomb carriers by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation. Under the terms of the contract, EDO will deliver 50 of its newgeneration “MALTS” two-station carriers this year for use on Royal Norwegian Air Force F-16s. The contract also includes test equipment, training, spares and documentation.

26 Feb 07. The U.K. MoD has selected the Lockheed Martin Sniper® Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) to equip Harrier GR9 aircraft in response to an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR.). The selection of the Sniper ATP will allow the MoD to respond quickly to the UOR established by Royal Air Force (RAF)

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