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30 Nov 06. A new Explosive Waste Incinerator to remove tonnes of explosives from
circulation in the Balkans will be opened by Minister for the Armed
Forces, Adam Ingram, in Bosnia today. In July, the MoD committed to destroying two hundred and fifty thousand small arms and light weapons in Bosnia and Herzegovina within a year and this new facility adds the equally important
capability to destroy explosives. The project to destroy small arms in Bosnia is a real ‘Swords to Ploughshares’ story with the molten metal from the weapons, which once destroyed homes and livelihoods being used to reconstruct Bosnia & Herzegovina and create new housing.

22 Nov 06. The Danish Army Materiel Command (DAMC) and MOWAG GmbH – a General Dynamics company – signed a contract for the delivery of 29 DURO IIIP 6×6 Armoured Ambulance Vehicles, including initial logistic support and services with a total value of over 32m Swiss Francs (approx. US$26m). This contract is preceded by six contracts with the DAMC – for EAGLE I 4×4, PIRANHA III 8×8 and EAGLE IV 4×4 between 1995 and 2005 – and adds another important element of Protected Mobility to the Armoured Vehicle fleet of the Danish Army.
The Danish Army Materiel Command has selected the MOWAG DURO IIIP 6×6 platform to fulfill an immediate requirement for Armoured Ambulance Vehicles to be deployed primarily in international missions. The DURO III platform offers the required payload and internal volume to transport a medical crew and up to 4 patients in a ballistic- and mine-protected environment. As the DURO III and the EAGLE IV (ordered by Denmark in 2005) are based on the same chassis concept using a majority of identical automotive components, operating cost in the area of training, special tools and spare parts can be greatly reduced.

27 Nov 06. The German Armed Forces have decided in favour of the protected personal transport system “TransProtec” of EADS to protect their soldiers taking part in operations in foreign countries against attacks. After procurement and testing of 3 systems under a immediate requirement (ESB) programme, the Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement BWB has placed an order with EADS Defence Electronics for the delivery of 12 additional protected TransProtec containers for the soldiers involved in operations abroad,. As the company announced on Monday, EADS, in cooperation with the Munich based company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), has developed a new kind of protection system offering optimal protection against attacks with explosives, sniper fire, shrapnel, mines and ABC attacks. A total of 20 personal transport containers will be delivered to the German Armed Forces under the name “MuConPers” (Multifähiger Container für die Personenbeförderung – Multi-capable container for transporting individuals). The protected container can accommodate up to 18 persons including equipment. This means that the previous gap in capabilities in the area of protected transport space has been closed with the TransProtec/MuConPers.

29 Nov 06. Saft has won a competitive tender from the German Federal Office of Defence Technology (BWB) to supply an additional 30,000 Friwo brand primary lithium battery systems to power the German Army’s SEM70 portable military radio sets. The order value exceeds €2m. BWB nominated Saft as the supplier for this latest SEM70 battery system contract, with delivery scheduled over a 10-month period, starting in November 2006. The contract follows a similar order for 20,000 SEM70 battery systems, awarded to Saft in 2005, and further consolidates Saft’s position as the leading supplier of primary lithium battery systems to the German military services. Saft is supplying the primary battery systems for the SEM70 radio sets as ready-to-fit packages, in robust plastic housings complete with resilient socket connections and electronic state-of-charge indicators. Each battery system will comprise six Friwo LM33600 lithium mang

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