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26 Apr 06. LogicaCMG announced today a ten year service to deliver the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme (DMICP), a set of integrated healthcare and dental systems, to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). DMICP, valued at an estimated £80 million, will be used by personnel from all three Medical Services and the Defence Dental Service, from peacetime use in the UK through to frontline battlefield situations. DMICP is an enabler to the wider Defence Health Change programme being undertaken by Defence Medical Services. Authorised clinicians and dentists will be not only able to access elements of patients’ medical records ‘anywhere, anytime’, but will also be provided with a range of reference material from approved sources to assist in diagnosis and treatment planning. As well as providing medical staff with access to reference material and health records, the system will build an extensive data warehouse that will provide invaluable information on the incidence of disease and battle injuries and the outcomes of treatment regimes enabling Defence Medical Services to provide the most effective medical care. DMICP is based around a fully interoperable electronic clinical record system, provided by EMIS, the most widely used primary healthcare system within the NHS and incumbent supplier of medical record systems to the MoD. The integrated EMIS MoD system will combine both health and dental detail within a single MoD personnel health record and will include specific system enhancements in order to meet MoD requirements. The system is fully interoperable with NHS systems and standards and recruits in the Armed Forces will have their detailed medical record transferred from their GP’s system and their summary medical record downloaded from the NHS national care record’s (Spine) system. This centralised record will be made available to authorised clinicians and dentists at all medical sites connected into the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII).


25 Apr 06. Airbus and EADS-CASA have selected Goodrich Corporation (NYSE: GR – News) to provide the air data system for the A400M military transport aircraft. The system, which uses Goodrich SmartProbe(TM) technology, will provide all the primary and standby air data information required by the aircraft. The award is the most recent Airbus program to select the SmartProbe(TM) system and the first European military program to make use of the technology.



25 Apr 06. DRS Technologies, Inc. received a $222m two-year contract from the U.S. Army to provide a scaleable, integrated, open-standards Command and Control
Information Technology Infrastructure (C2ITI) for the Multi-National Forces
– Iraq (MNF-I), a coalition military command responsible for providing security in Iraq and for assisting with the ongoing reconstruction program. Two funding actions with a combined value of approximately $16m were received by DRS on this program to provide program management, architectural design and engineering, installation, operation and maintenance, network management and systems administration support. Work for this order will be performed by the company’s DRS Technical & Management Services Co. (DRS TAMSCO) unit in Beltsville, Maryland and DRS Spacelink International unit in Dulles, Virginia, along with a number of subcontractors, including Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN), Artel Inc., Information Management Group (IMG) and Oberon Associates. This most recent funding is a follow-on order to previously awarded contracts received in 2005 and 2004 to support the communications needs of the MNF-I and the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), the former governing body of Iraq. The program has been managed by the company’s Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, Program Management Office since its inception.

20 Apr 06. DRS Technologies, Inc. was awarded a $26m subcontract from Raytheon Company to provide major subsystems for the U.S. Army’s Long Range

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