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27 Jan 06. The Belgian Government announced that the MOWAG PIRANHA IIIC had been selected from five candidates for the delivery of up to 242 vehicles and related logistics support, with a total contract value of over € 500m, for the Belgian Army’s Armoured Infantry Vehicle Program. This sales success in Belgium represents the largest single order ever awarded from a European NATO member in the history of the Swiss technology-based company. Deliveries will commence in 2007 and will extend to 2015 for the total quantity including options. In July 2005 the Belgian Ministry of Defence had announced the procurement Program for new Armoured Infantry Vehicle (AIV). This Program sets a corner stone to transform the Belgian Army into a lighter, more deployable, lethal, survivable, and sustainable force. Key requirements for the AIV included on- and off road mobility, crew comfort and safety, vehicle versatility, a high level of protection for the vehicle crews against mines and ballistic weapons, and integration of various weapon stations-, electronic warning and communication systems.


01 Feb 06. Frazer-Nash Consultancy continues to grow its specialist environmental support division, following its appointment by the Ministry of Defence to review and further develop their environmental assessment and management of the Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) project. MARS is a major supply ship programme that will provide sea based sustainable support to the future Royal Navy. With MARS, the Navy is looking to transform its auxiliary fleet in the next decade by replacing the ageing craft responsible for keeping frontline ships supplied with fuel, food and ammunition. Frazer-Nash will review the environmental work done so far, and develop a process for improving the project’s environmental impact, risk identification and management capability. Frazer-Nash will then work closely with the MARS Integrated Project Team (IPT) to identify and characterise the environmental impacts and risks associated with the design and operation of the Fleet Tankers. The overall objective is that environmental constraints can be considered at an early stage, captured in the form of system requirements, which will then allow any implications to be minimised or ‘designed out’ of the system.

29 Jan 05. RAFAEL Armament Development Authority Ltd has been awarded a contract to provide its Digital Shark Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM) System for a European Corvette. The contract was awarded in an international competition. The Digital Shark System is a state-of-the-art ECM system comprised of a modern digital receiver; an advanced DRFM based technique generator integrated with Multi Beam Array Transmitter (MBAT). This system will enable the ship’s EW suite to support appropriate defensive response against all types of airborne radars, surface radars and missile seekers.


01 Feb 06. Lockheed Martin has been selected as one of two preferred bidders by the UK Ministry of Defence to compete in a technology demonstration programme to develop a new mission system for the UK AWACS E-3D aircraft, currently in service with the UK Royal Air Force (RAF). The effort is part of the RAF’s Project Eagle, intended to significantly enhance the capabilities of the AWACS fleet. Subject to final negotiations, the contract’s value is estimated at $8m. Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will create a prototype mission system as part of a 15 month Technical Demonstration Phase programme. The prototype will allow MoD technical and operational experts to evaluate the effectiveness of the new system before moving to the next phase of the programme. For Project Eagle, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY, will be supported by Lockheed Martin UK, which will provide critical life cycle support, systems engineering and human machine interface skills. The contract is valued at approx. $8m.

31 Jan 06. Boeing is one of two c

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