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26 Jan 06. Following launch of the ndura™ tablet at DSEi show in September, Blazepoint has been awarded a contract by General Dynamics UK to supply Lightweight Tablet Data Terminals into the BOWMAN programme. Based on the Itronix Duo-Touch, ndura™ tablets offer up-to-minute PC performance to the Armed Forces for platform or field deployment. Designed and developed in the UK, the rugged tablets are fully compliant with MIL STD 810 environmental and MIL STD 461 EMC specifications. Blazepoint has developed a wide range of ruggedised equipment including computers, displays, printers, briefing tools and power solutions. The tablet award extends Blazepoint’s existing BOWMAN hardware supply contract for peripherals and TEMPEST. DRS also bid this requirement with a new product.
Comment: The selection of Blazepoint was believed to be on risk assessment and product maturity, although we believe that there was little to choose between the bids. L-3 is believed to have received the larger slice for the other PUDT requirement. This announcement is believed to be part of a number of major announcements with regard to enhancements of the Bowman project.

23 Jan 06. Harris Systems Limited, a wholly owned UK subsidiary of Harris Corporation, has been awarded a contract from the UK MoD for the Common-Good High-Grade INFOSEC Module (Programmable), or CHIM(P), programme. The contract is valued at approximately £4m.

20 Dec 05. On 20 December 20, 2005 the Irish Department of Defence (DoD) and MOWAG GmbH – a General Dynamics company – signed a contract for a further batch of 15 units of the PIRANHA IIIH 8×8, with a total value of close to €30m. After two contracts for the same vehicle between 1999 and 2002, this contract adds two new variants to the fleet of MOWAG vehicles operated by the Irish DoD. In 1999 the Irish Department of Defence selected the PIRANHA for their overseas peace keeping missions, where the vehicle proved its liability and performance. Earlier last year, the Irish Department of Defence (DoD) had announced the procurement of additional PIRANHAs. Until today 65 vehicles are in operation and the additional order will summarize to a total fleet of 80 units. Of the now ordered 15 PIRANHA IIIH 8×8, 9 will be equipped with a remotely controlled and stabilized 12.7 mm KONGSBERG Weapon Station and 6 with a stabilized OTOMELARA 30 mm Weapon System. The PIRANHAs will further enhance the military capability of Ireland to participate in international operations. The threat situation in such missions specifically calls for a high level of protection for the vehicle crews against mines and ballistic weapons. With the in worldwide operating PIRANHA IIIH 8×8, the technology-minded company from Kreuzlingen, Switzerland offers a proven product, which fulfils this high-ranking requirement of protection, comfort and mobility. With its third order, the Irish Army continues to trust in the reliability and performance of the successful product from Kreuzlingen. Production will take place at MOWAG’s facility in Kreuzlingen and deliveries will start in February 2007.

23 Jan 06. Sagem Défense Sécurité has been awarded a contract by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) to equip the French army with multifunction thermal binoculars, integrating a laser rangefinder and compass. The contract calls for the production of 850 JIM LR (long-range) binoculars, as well as a substantial amount of related equipment, such as remote-control stations with real-time video broadcasting, control monitors, additional optics to increase the field of view, tripods and battery chargers.
The JIM LR binoculars, which are designed around groundbreaking technologies, integrate a third generation infrared channel (3-5µm), an eye-safe laser rangefinder, a magnetic compass, a laser pointer, a color video channel and a GPS.


18 Jan 06. Estonia: Probable transfer of Sandown Class Minehunters. The Defence Contracts Bulletin stated that the

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