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29 Dec 05. The German armed forces have awarded the ‘Hercules’ project to modernise their IT and communication systems to a consortium made up of German technologies group Siemens and US computer group IBM. The forces have been seeking a partner for the 6.65bn euro project since 2001. A spokesperson for the ministry of defence said that the partners had reached agreement on all the major points and that a detailed contract would now be drawn up. The Hercules project includes modernisation of data and communication lines, computer centres and new software, as well as service contracts for the next 10 years. The armed forces wish to link up their outdated telephone and computer networks. A new IT company is to be set up, in which the armed forces will hold a 49.9 per cent stake, with the remainder held by Siemens and IBM. IT systems linked to the control of weapons are not part of the project. The start of the project will not be for several months, however, as contracts must be drawn up and then approved by the government. (Source: FT.com/Abstracted from Handelsblatt)

20 December the Kreuzlingen based technology enterprise MOWAG GmbH received an order from armasuisse for the production of eight PIRANHA IIIC 8×8 vehicles as platforms for the Integrated Radio Surveillance and Transmitter System. The vehicles will be produced in Kreuzlingen and delivered to armasuisse by the end of 2007.

20 December on 20 December the Kreuzlingen based technology enterprise MOWAG GmbH received an order from armasuisse for the re-role of 40 PIRANHA I 6×6 Panzerjägern (Tank Hunter) vehicles to protected ambulances. The new ambulances will replace a part of the Pinzgauer 6×6 ambulance fleet, which will be liquidated by the end of 2008. As system integrator, MOWAG will be solely responsible for the conversion of the vehicles as well as for the logistic materiel. Delivery to the medical corps will take place between 2006 and 2007.

05 Jan 06. The second of three Engineering Builds of JETTS, the British Army’s Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System, was delivered by Prime Contractor Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL) on schedule to the JETTS Integration and Test facility at Warminster on 19th

22 Dec 05. e2v technologies PLC, the sensors and electronic tubes company, said it won three contracts worth a total of 10.7 mln stg. The largest contract, worth 6.1 mln stg, is for defence electronic subsystems to the Ministry of Defence and could lead to further orders in future, the company said. It has also won a 1.5 mln stg contract from EADS to supply sensors for the second tranche of the Eurofighter-Typhoon missile approach warning system. The third deal is worth 3.1 mln stg and is for marine radar electronic tubes and sensor components to Dutch company Alphatron Electronic Parts BV. “With these contracts we remain confident that we can meet our existing expectations of a traditionally stronger second half across both our electronic tube and sensors product groups,” said chief executive Keith Attwood. (Source: AFX News

23 Dec 05. Saab wins MSEK 140 order for fire control system. Saab Systems has received an order worth MSEK 140 from Land Systems Hägglunds AB for the UTAAS Fire Control System for the Danish Army’s CV9035 Combat Vehicles. “Our excellent cooperation with Land Systems Hägglunds AB has once again been successful, and this order consolidates Saab Systems’ position as a leading supplier of fire director and fire control systems for tanks and combat vehicles,” says Dan-Åke Enstedt, President of the Saab Systems business unit. UTAAS (Universal Tank and Anti Aircraft System) is a modular fire director and fire control system for tanks and combat vehicles. The system offers direct fire capability, which means that the gunner can take aim independently of the vehicle’s movements while the fire control system automatically aligns the gun. Saab has over 50 years’ experience of developing and manufacturing advanced opti

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