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20 Dec 05. Sagem Défense Sécurité today announced that the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) has selected it to supply and deploy Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This PKI will manage the Ministry of Defense’s digital Intranet certificates (Intraced) used for classified defense needs. As the PKI will be deployed to meet all of Intraced’s standard certification needs, Sagem Défense Sécurité will be acting as the integrator for the armed forces’ Information and Communication Systems (SIC), whether it be in agencies, fixed operational sites or theaters of operation. The main functions of the PKI, which Sagem Défense Sécurité will deploy as of June 2006, are the following: Authentication of users and equipment; Inter-personnel mail signatures; Confidentiality (‘need-to-know’ control or compartmentalization). Sagem Défense Sécurité will integrate the Sequoia® certification solution from Keynectis, the leader in trusted electronic services, in order to provide the DGA with a turnkey system. Keynectis, which already uses the Sequoia® solution for its clients, brings its unique experience in installing and operating PKI. This new success confirms Sagem Défense Sécurité’s expertise in the new security and information systems technologies. It also demonstrates that the company’s know-how in commercial security systems can readily benefit the Defense market.
16 Dec 05. S3log wins army contract (Per S3log nuovo commessa dall’esercito)
Il Sole 24 Ore – Italy; Dec 16, 2005 Italian IT consortium S3log (made up of Datamat, Elsag and Vitrociset) has won a new contract to manage the Italian army’s logistical command and control system. The contract is worth around 1.9m euros and is for a duration of 24 months. (Source: FT.com/Abstracted from Il Sole 24 Ore)

19 Dec 05. BAE SYSTEMS has won a £123m order to supply 45 CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the Danish Army. This latest order brings the number of CV90 series customers to six, underlining its position as the European combat vehicle alternative. Danish company Hydrema Export A/S will partner BAE Systems for production of the vehicles. The two companies will jointly investigate the possibility of through-life support for both maintenance and upgrades. The CV9035, built by BAE Systems’ Land Systems Hagglunds, is a new-generation CV90, with improved fire power, protection, mobility and ergonomics plus an advanced electronics architecture. The BAE Systems CV90 has been successful in gaining orders in Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Holland and now Denmark. Interest remains high in a number of other potential export markets both in Europe and beyond. Total orders for 1,170 CV90s to six countries gives existing and future customers coordination advantages for upgrades and spare parts handling as well as interoperability for international missions. The vehicle’s main armament is a Bushmaster III 35/50 canon including ammunition programmer, controlled by a computerized fire control system. Both gunner and commander have stabilized day and night sight with a 3rd generation thermal night camera for the gunner. The vehicle has a crew complement of 3 and capacity for a further 7 personnel.

19 Dec 05. Saab wins MSEK 164 order for Swedish Armed Forces battle management system. Saab Systems has won an order worth MSEK 164 to develop and deliver SLB – Stridsledning Bataljon, the Army’s tactical C2 system. The system will be developed with the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, and is a new battle management system for commanding units up to battalion level. In the longer term SLB will form the basis of Sweden’s tactical military command and control systems, and will not only be used in the mechanized units but also in amphibian battalions, air base battalions and EU Battle Groups.

14 Dec 05. The Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the German Armed Forces has commissioned Rohde & Schwarz to car

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