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06 Dec 05. BAE Systems, has been selected by the Slovak Ministry of Defence to deliver a fully US, EU and NATO interoperable mobile military communications system (MOKYS) to the Slovak armed forces. The contract will be delivered through an international partnership led by BAE Systems and involving US, German, Swedish and Slovak companies. The BAE Systems solution is based on internet protocol architecture with fully integrated security and automated command and control throughout. This advanced system architecture reduces cost and complexity and provides software defined waveform capability for future growth. Prime contractor BAE Systems and team members, Ericsson of Sweden, Rhode and Schwarz of Germany and Northrop Grumman of the United States have played a leading role in building major communications networks in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Bulgaria and Taiwan. In delivering MOKYS, this team will be further enhanced by leading Slovak companies including, Corinex, VOP Presov, Delta B, Vyvoj Martin and Lynx. In support of MOKYS and its other business activities in the Slovak Republic, BAE Systems will continue its work to identify and launch industrial partnership programmes in the defence, manufacturing and IT sectors, with a particular focus on areas of high unemployment.

18 Nov 05. At the end of July the Defense Procurement Agency in the UK signed up for the delivery of 35 multipurpose military-type DURO vehicles from MOWAG GmbH. This is the third contract with the British Army within the last nine months. In total, 101 DURO vehicles have been ordered. Following completion of production and delivery of these three contracts, 198 DURO will be in operation in the UK. At the beginning of 2003 MOWAG GmbH took over the DURO business sector from Bucher Industries. During the past two years MOWAG has further developed the original vehicle concept and is now present in the important 12 tonne market segment with the DURO III. Of the 198 vehicles ordered or already delivered by/to the UK, 124 are the smaller DURO II version with a maximum GVW of 9 tonnes, of which 6 vehicles are for ammunition disposal (mine clearance and bomb disposal) and 118 vehicles as carriers of communications systems. Of the 66 larger DURO III vehicles, 48 will also be applied as communications vehicles, whereas 18 DUROs will be equipped for bomb disposal. A number of these DUROs are already in operation with the British Army in Iraq for bomb disposal missions.

07 Dec 05. Text of report by Turkish news agency Anatolia. Ankara, 6 December: TAI [Turkish Aerospace Industries] will repair the exterior wings [as published] of NATO’s AWACS planes. A written statement issued by TAI says that a contract has been signed between TAI and IAMCO (International Aerospace Management Company), which is the prime contractor for providing hangar level services for AWACS planes to the NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA), on the repair of the external wings of NATO AWACS planes. The agreement was signed at a ceremony held at TAI facilities by TAI Director General Muharrem Dortkasli and Business Development Director Ahmet Metan and IAMCO Vice President Richard Bowes. The statement says that, as part of the agreement, TAI will perform repair and modification work on the external wings of 16 E-3A planes in the NATO fleet and that the repair work that will begin in TAI facilities in 2006 is targeted for completion in 2012. (Source: Anatolia news agency, Ankara, in Turkish 1359 gmt 6 Dec 05/BBC Monitoring)

25 Nov 05. The UK MoD is to invest £366m into educating its Service and civilian personnel, under a new contract with Cranfield University. Through this contract, the MoD will deliver postgraduate education and training to around 4000 students per year, from across the Defence Community.

07 Dec 05. The NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency (NC3A) has awarded Savi Technology a new contract to upgrade and sustain operationa

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