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18 Sep 05. tms support solutions (tms) and MOWAG GmbH have become working partners in meeting the “DURO III” technical documentation requirements of the UK Ministry of Defence. tms were awarded the contract for the conversion of MOWAG “DURO III” Standard Publications into Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs) in August 2005, commencement of work under the contract is now imminent. Mowag operates its own Proving Ground and extensive Test Facilities. tms is the fastest growing “service provider” of its kind in the UK providing efficient cost-effective solutions for Defence Contractors and the Ministry of Defence. The Company’s 3 office locations within the UK collectively have the resource and expertise to meet the total in-Service support requirements for any equipment/system.

12 Sep 05. Scania has received an order from Land Systems Hagglunds concerning 192 engines to be used as prime mover in the CV 90 armoured vehicle. Land Systems Hagglunds earlier received an order from the Netherlands for the armoured vehicle CV90 and it was recently decided that all of the vehicles will be equipped with Scania’s 16-litre engine.

22 Sep 05. The German Navy and Thales, the international electronics and systems group, have signed a contract for the full modernisation and overhaul of the firepower command and control systems of the Navy’s F122 and F123 frigates. Eight F122s and four F123s will be refitted, together with the associated naval command ground stations in Wilhelmshaven. The contract is worth €70m. Under the modernisation programme, all the outdated firepower command and control systems will be replaced by high-performance IT equipment and modern display consoles. The contract includes command software and the integration of all sensors, weapons and communications systems. Thales will also coordinate the naval construction activities included in the programme. The F122 and F123 class frigates date back to the early 1980s and 1990s. The changing requirements and missions of European navies call for the frigates’ capabilities to be upgraded and adapted. The programme focuses on intelligence, command, control and participation in integrated joint and allied operations worldwide. This contract is the only significant modernisation programme currently planned for the German Navy.

19 Sep 05. CAE has been awarded contracts by Eurofighter Simulation Systems valued at more than C$10m to provide a visual system, synthetic environment software, and support services to Austria’s Eurofighter full-mission simulator.
CAE will provide a 13-channel CAE Medallion-S™ visual system for Austria’s Eurofighter full mission simulator. In addition, CAE will deliver the Eurofighter specific synthetic environment using the CAE STRIVE™ simulation development framework. The CAE Medallion-S visual system is being used on all Eurofighter Aircrew Synthetic Training Aids requiring a visual solution, including full mission simulators and cockpit trainer/interactive pilot stations. CAE is currently delivering visual systems for Eurofighter training devices being stationed at training bases for the four original Eurofighter partner nations: the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

16 Sep 05. EADS will supply the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) with TETRAPOL technology with 30 mobile digital radio systems with 10,000 terminal devices, accessories and a training facility worth about €55m by the end of 2007. To this end, EADS and the Federal Office for Information Management and Information Technology of the Bundeswehr concluded the “TETRAPOLBw” procurement contract in
mid-September. With “TETRAPOLBw”, for the first time the Bundeswehr will be able to guarantee voice and data communication for all operational units in service,
encrypted in a mobile cellular network, for all tactical communication levels.


19 Sep 05. BAE Systems, Nashua, N.H., is being awarded a letter contract with an estimated value of $9,500,000 fo

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