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11 Sep 07. Cobham plc launched the Eagle Close Combat Radio (CCR), a full-duplex networked radio specifically designed to provide a cost effective solution for modern voice and data transmission requirements in the urban, rural and mixed environments of the battlefield at DSEi.

The Eagle CCR was developed by Cobham Defence Communications (CDC) and Cobham’s Era Technology and will be launched at DSEi 2007. It interfaces directly with CDC’s ROVIS (AN/VIC-3) Intercom and Integrated Digital Soldier System (IDSS) to provide customers with a fully networked, integrated voice and data capability for both mounted and dismounted soldiers.

The Eagle CCR significantly enhances Command and Control capability at Section and Squad level in comparison to current simplex systems, and allows up to six users to gain full duplex access using advanced Voice Operated Transmission (VOX). The Eagle radio is capable of transmitting data at up to 128Kbits/sec, whilst maintaining two full duplex voice channels. It also offers improved area and range coverage, via automatic Network Extension (Rebro) which is a standard feature. Integrated encryption is also in built, providing a more secure solution for stand alone voice and data communications requirements on the modern battlefield.

Despite the high level of additional functionality offered, the Eagle CCR has intuitive easy to use controls. It employs a single rotary control push button switch that provides clear precise voice prompts for function selection, available in English or local languages.

The Eagle CCR represents a step change from the more traditional simplex Combat Net Radio (CNR) handheld transceivers and the more recent simplex Personal Infantry short range radio systems, both of which suffer from inherent limitations in voice and data communications capability. The Eagle’s embedded remote CNR access enhances dismounted operations by allowing remotely selectable access to platform radios for both voice and data.

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