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17 Jul 02. CMC Electronics Inc. of Montreal, Quebec, Canada will begin their sales and marketing efforts for the AvVance(TM) Engine Instrument Display System, manufactured by Spirent Systems, at this year’s Farnborough International exhibition, 22-28 July.

“Spirent has a very competitive Engine Instrument Display System, and we are
very pleased to be the exclusive distributor of their AvVance system to the
global commercial air transport market,” explained Bruce Bailey, Vice President, Aviation Electronics, CMC Electronics.

CMC Electronics, as Spirent’s exclusive value-added reseller, will distribute AvVance for the currently TSO and STC approved aircraft types in the commercial air transport market. These approved aircraft types include: 747-100, 747-200,
747-300, 747-SR, 747-SP, DC-10-30 and DC-10-40.
The AvVance Engine Instrument Display translates data an aircraft generates enabling operators to save millions of dollars in engine repair and replacement costs. AvVance is designed to read and display a variety of engine parameters displayed on an active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD). AvVance also provides real-time data and exceedance recording capabilities, allowing
maintenance crews to download and analyze engine performance after each flight, reducing reliance on pilot reporting and extending service life.

Key benefits of the AvVance include:
— AvVance provides the necessary data to reduce the number of engine
removals, therefore engines stay on the wing longer
— AvVance eliminates the guesswork and saves millions in downtime and
unnecessary service
— Flight delays and cancellations due to EGT system failures are
— AvVance provides accurate, real time information with the automatic
“snapshot” recording capability, instead of data being dependent on
crew interpretation
— AvVance eliminates human variables and provides simultaneous, accurate
— Translates data into graphs for evaluation and engine anomaly databases

Spirent Systems has over 100 AvVance units delivered to commercial airlines and
cargo operators in North America. The AvVance uses existing sensors and
connectors and occupies the existing space envelope.
See a hands-on demo of the AvVance system at CMC’s stand in the Canadian Pavilion, Hall 4, booth #C-21A.

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