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01 Nov 07. C4i, a world leader in mission critical intelligent Command and Control, Communication solutions for Defense, Public safety and Homeland Security markets is pleased to announce the availability of the full featured Radio Interface Unit (RIU). For nearly 20 years, C4i has specialized in delivering standard-setting communication solutions for mission-critical military and government customers around the globe. C4i is based in Melbourne, Australia and Reston, Virginia, USA, and is one of the publicly traded LongReach Group family of companies.

The Radio Interface Unit is a small, ruggedized device which enables connection of up to 4 radios to an IP network. Serial data, audio, COR and PTT for each interface are transported using VOIP technology, making the RIU an ideal appliance for applications requiring a number of radios (or other audio devices) to be linked across a LAN or Wide Area Network.

The serial ports can be used for data communications or remote control and are easily configurable between RS-232, 422 and 485 and for data rates up to 115kbps.

The RIU will operate from Power over Ethernet, (PoE), eliminating the need for power cables and AC adapters. Alternatively, it can be powered by DC or through an AC adapter.

A key feature of the C4i RIU is the web browser configuration interface, which allows parameters including network settings, codecs, audio gain, Vox, QoS, and data interfaces to be easily modified from any computer with network access. The RIU’s rugged, dustproof and splashproof metal housing makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Since the RIU uses open standard protocols it can be used for a wide range of applications including range extension and radio repeater; radio remote control and integration of radios and intercom systems. The RIU also forms a key part of command & control and dispatch voice communication solutions using C4i’s Switchplus® products. Other solutions, such as those driven by WAVE™ software from Twisted Pair Solutions, can also be easily integrated using the RIU.

“We have received positive feedback from all users that we have demonstrated the RIU to. They have been impressed with the ease of configuration, superior audio quality and the compact size”, according to Brad Kay, President of C4i’s US business unit. “Applications include radio relay over satellite or WAN, interconnection of intercom and radio systems for customers with multiple sites and WAN connections, connection of 4-wire devices into IP Hoot & Holler networks, and mobile command posts. The RIU fills a need that has not been met by other products for Defense, Homeland Security, Public Safety and Transportation markets.”

In the near future C4i will be releasing a version of the RIU with an embedded PC, providing significant capability enhancements. In addition, a 12 channel, rackmount unit can also be provided for users with larger numbers of radios.

The RIU is available for sale to end users and re-sellers as a stand alone network appliance, or as part of a complete voice communications solution. C4i also provides system design and consulting services, systems integration, installation and follow-on support. Radio remote control and voice access software, switching hardware, racking and interface cables can also be provided.

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