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01 May 14. C2, the Hereford, UK-based engineering business specialising in the design, production and integration of bespoke Command and Control (C2) and Sophisticated Communications Systems, announces the launch of the C-LITE Gen 3 Tactical Mission System during SOFEX to be held in Amman, Jordan from May 6th – 8th.

The networked battle space is evolving rapidly. Today’s military need commercial quality ‘on board’ computing equipment that can handle extreme conditions, without compromising performance or data security.
Small, lightweight, low power and rugged, the C-LITE Gen 3 Tactical Mission System has been designed to address the increasing size, weight and power constraints (SWaP) the modern military environment demands, while delivering greater situational awareness.

C-LITE delivers a highly compact solution, with an extremely low power demand, to provide an unparalleled level of mission systems integration and distribution.

The ability to deliver a true integration of the ever increasing number of mission systems, is provided through the simultaneous electronic management of multiple systems such as Optics, Sensors, Communications, GPS, and Force Tracking, through a single unit.

C-LITE ensures that this data is distributed in the correct format to the users and, if needed, to additional users in other transport
The ability to add mission specific modules has been designed in to C-LITE through the provision of an expansion port for Radio Gateways, BLOS and Satcom on the Move.

C-LITE can support a range of platforms including fixed, mobile and maritime and can be extended through a C2UK Application Module (CAM) which integrates with the core computer and enables additional inputs and outputs, further enhancing system capability.

“C-LITE gives military users worldwide the ability to integrate the ever increasing number of mission systems through the simultaneous electronic management of multiple systems such as Optics, Sensors, Communications, GPS, and Force Tracking, through a single unit.” Stuart Burton C2 Business development Director said. “C-LITE will be officially launched at SOFEX held in Amman, Jordan in May.”

C2UK and Lockheed Martin Demonstrate Integration at SOFEX

C2UK and Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] will demonstrate that the integration of two sophisticated vehicle-mounted systems can bring significant improvements to battlefield decision making.

At the SOFEX 2014 trade show in Amman, Jordan, the C-LITE Gen3 Tactical Mission System and Gyrocam sensor system will be integrated onto a Polaris MV850 all-terrain vehicle, and will show that critical mission data from multiple locations can be transmitted in real time to the warfighter and command center.

During the demonstration, the C-LITE will provide a common operating picture using a live video feed from the 9-inch Gyrocam sensor system. The systems’ combined data will allow for the tracking, identification and discrimination of friendly and hostile forces, as well as messaging and beyond-line-of-sight communications from the C-LITE through an encrypted wireless link. The C-LITE/Gyrocam data will enable field commanders to detect insurgent activity or assess the battlefield from strategic or limited-access locations.

The C2UK C-LITE is the first Tactical Mission System with an i7 4th Generation core processor that allows users on the battlefield to share key mission data in real time and create an effective common operating picture to aid operational decision making. Embedded with the C2UK Scimitar software, C-LITE delivers a proven off-the-shelf operating capability.

Gyrocam sensor systems are combat proven in reconnaissance and route clearance missions to provide users enhanced situational awareness from standoff distances in low visibility and darkness. Gyrocam sensor systems include high-resolution color, night vision and advanced thermal sensors in a stabiliz

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