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12 Nov 02. BTexact Technologies, BT’s advanced research and technology business, announced that it will target the growing £600m market for test and evaluation of communications products, networks and applications. With one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated communications technology facilities, BTexact aims to lead this sector of the test and evaluation market and be recognised as an industry centre of excellence by combining world-class expertise, experience and technology.

BTexact Technologies helps businesses and organisations gain maximum advantage from communications technology. We create value and competitive advantage by combining deep knowledge of networks and networked applications with proven skills in business consulting, change management and innovation.
BT Exact services are focused to help customers assess the value and performance of communication technologies and systems, identify potential risks and ensure they gain maximum advantage from investments in communications technologies and applications.

The company’s employees include many who are world leaders in their specialist fields, working at the forefront of standards development and new technologies in areas including multimedia, IP and data networks, mobile communications, network design and management, and business applications.

BTexact’s test and evaluation business is made up of 16 labs and employs some 500 technologists who can test and evaluate a wide range of telecoms equipment, networks and applications. Whereas equipment manufacturers and software suppliers can test their products’ stand-alone performance, BTexact’s technologists focus on testing these components as an integral part of a complete communication system, stressing characteristics such as interoperability, performance and scalability and correct response to fault and overload conditions. The specialist laboratories focus on technologies such as broadband, IP, security, optical transmission, switching and access technologies.

Research, commissioned by BTexact, from the consultancy Prodata estimated the size of the European market alone for test and evaluation services to be in the region of £600 million per year. As technology solutions become more complex, BTexact has seen a growing demand from its customers for these services. The survey showed that this is being driven by a growing need for companies marketing communications equipment or services in Europe to prove performance across a formidable array of potential deployment scenarios.

The survey also showed that whereas the greater part of the test and evaluation work has been traditionally managed in-house, increased complexity, current market conditions and the need to reduce cost and speed time to market mean that companies are now looking for alternative solutions.

Utilising its extensive lab facilities, BTexact can provide these solutions by reproducing the conditions into which a supplier will be selling a product or service, covering differing network topologies and standards. This can be extended to scenario modelling in order to give a clear picture of likely market acceptance and optimum positioning. The team also has the capability to test and evaluate across the complete product development cycle taking early prototypes, and understanding how they would interoperate (or not) with current network technologies.

As products approach market readiness, BTexact’s technologists can field trial in near-live conditions, and make recommendations for final modifications. The team can also carry out user acceptance or technology due diligence testing to provide independent validation of a technology’s usefulness as it comes to market.


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