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24 Aug 12. BATTLESPACE PUBLICATIONS, the London UK-based defence publisher, announce today the launch of its new digital App for iPhone and iPad. The App is available for download from iTunes.

The digital version of BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES gives advertisers a whole new dimension in defence publishing. Using advanced software the digital version of BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES can run videos, hyperlinks and emails live from the issue. The two platforms give advertisers a huge new audience for BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES increasing circulation to a whole new range of readers. This is also audited by the new software and available to advertisers, Agencies and PR Companies. We are publishing a mix of print and digital and digital only issues in 2013.

The App is available for download from iTunes and accessible via ‘Newstand’ on iPad and iPhones.

Julian Nettlefold of BATTLESPACE Publications said, “BATTLESPACE has always prided itself on being in the forefront of defence publishing technology. We were the first to launch an on-line Show daily at the 1996 Farnborough Air Show, we were the first to launch a dedicated defence technology publication, we were first to launch electronic news through our Update and Alert subscription service and our on-line Exhibition Show Dailies. In 2009, with FLIR Systems Inc. and Hobson Industries, we pioneered the development of live filming at DVD which was distributed via microwave to the Steering Pad, this video could now be streamed via our App.”

“Defence news is about equipment that is produced for a rugged environments on land, sea and air, thus any medium which can show this equipment being used in its environment and crucially, using video to show movement over the battlefield, is a hugely valuable tool for equipment suppliers and buyers. We can also embed interview with key defence industry personnel. In addition to the video application, our new App allows direct access for advertisements to email and web sites. The App will also increase the depth of penetration to the international market and readership of BATTLESPACE by a multiple of thousands and increase the awareness of the publication and its contents and advertisements to a whole new international audience. We are re-building our web site to reflect a new service for companies to access sub-contractors across the world and new products. This App is only applicable for iPhone and iPad, once established we will be expanding the service to other services such as Android, Kindle and Windows 8. The App, built by U.K. digital magazine specialists Stonewash is the most advanced and user friendly system we encountered in the run up to choosing them to build the system. It is completely user friendly and allows the artwork and PDFS on the oriented issue to be seamlessly transferred to the App with very few changes and additions.”

Andy McAllister of Aquatintbsc, BATTLESPACE’s printers said, “Over the past 15 years, Julian and I have developed BATTLESPACE using cutting edge technologies, linking the web and email to the printed version, to give its readers and advertisers the best printing and digital technology available. I knew from the first meeting that the Stonewash technology was way ahead of any digital technology we have seen. Pictures and word complement each other, to bring in a new medium, video gives our advertisers and readers and new dimension and a powerful marketing tool which shows equipment, particularly vehicles, ships and aircraft, in use and demonstrating battlefield capability.”

There is an example of the new App available on ‘Newstand’ once the App has been downloaded from iTunes. All BATTLESPACE subscribers emails have been registered, thus they will obtain free access.

The App will be launched officially during AUSA 2012 during our 2012 Businessman of the Year party which Northrop Grumman has kindly agreed to host on October 24th. As well as the launch and the award we are holdi

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