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04 Oct 05. In his previous incarnation, Bill Craven was head of Paravant Computers the rugged laptop maker subsequently sold to DRS Technologies. “Ironically at one time we at Paravant looked at acquiring DRS in its early days! Craven told BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold.

“The acquisition of Paravant by DRS in 2002 enabled the company to build on its successful product line of Scorpion and FBCB 2 computers developed especially for the Bowman and FBCB2w programmes. Building on the success of that sale, we formed a tem to develop a company to specialise in the development of complex open architecture networking software analysis tools to enable the military to develop networking requirements in the most cost-effective ways. To that end we now have access to venture capital funding to develop and build Overwatch into a multi-billion specialist software Corporation. We recently changed the named of the company from Federal IT to Overwatch to recognise the growth and expansion by new acquisitions in the sector; we continue to look for new opportunities in the sector,” Craven Told BATTLESPACE Editor Julian Nettlefold.

“With our mission to be a world class provider of multi-source intelligence solutions, we have combined Federal IT, Austin Info Systems (AIS), Sensor Systems, and ITSpatial and are changing our name to Overwatch Systems. Overwatch Systems provides a suite of integrated software tools that enable analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and policy maker. Using capabilities from the Overwatch Intelligence Center to counter current threats, we deliver fieldable collection and analysis capabilities in months where the traditional approach is measured in years. Overwatch Systems is focused on providing situational awareness that supports both conventional and asymmetric intelligence analysis. Overwatch Systems is investing to integrate all of its geospatial and tactical products into the Overwatch Intelligence Center to enhance collaboration, usability, performance and user training,” he continued

Overwatch Systems develops and markets intelligence analysis products and develops custom intelligence systems as specified by our Government customers. Overwatch Systems develops multi-band single feed SATCOM systems for DOD/HLS customers and have significant communications experience directly related to satisfying intelligence systems communications requirements.

Overwatch Systems’ three strategic objectives are to:
Provide products that produce actionable intelligence quickly for the warfighters, first responders and policy makers.
Leverage both fusion research work and existing product base to provide the Intelligence Community with low-cost, simple to use, rapidly deployable approaches to Multi-source intelligence.
Enable meaningful interoperability and information sharing between agencies and organizations within the Intelligence Community.
Overwatch Systems efforts focus in four key areas:
Tools for all intelligence analysts.
Tools to support automated multi-source analysis.
Tools that merge national and tactical sources to support the tactical
warfighter, first responder and policy maker.
Systems to support communications required to support network centric

Overwatch showed BATTLESPACE products from its Tactical Operations segment. Building on nits expertise in the intelligence communitity to locate hostiles and terrorists, Tactical Operations is a responsive organization working within the acquisition process to field accredited systems and execute critical contracts as both a prime and a sub-contractor. TacOps is fully qualified to assume additional prime roles.TacOps is dedicated to the analysis, design, development, and support of complex intelligence, information, and communications systems. TacOps is a leader in hardware and software C4ISR systems that use industry standards to provide in

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