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23 Jul 02. The Editor drove the ultimate Exhibition Transport mover the Segway Human Transporter (HT), the first self-balancing, electric-powered transportation device. Segway made its British debut this week at Farnborough.

Once pre-drive checks were demonstrated the Segway was an easy to ride as a bike. The BAE developed gyro keeps the machine totally stabilized and movement is made by moving backwards or forwards. Turning is made easy by a twist control on the handlebars.

Dean Kamen, Chairman Segway LLC, and BAE SYSTEMS Chief Operating Officer Chris Geoghegan announced the formation of a partnership to market the revolutionary Segway HT to the aerospace and defence industry in the UK.

The U.S. Army and Post Office have trialed the Segway for rapid ‘people moving’ operations with excellent results. In addition there is a specially developed Segway machine for disabled people which allows movement up stairs without dismounting.

BAE SYSTEMS provides the Balance Sensor Assembly in the Segway HT that enables the device to balance. The assembly includes five gyroscopes developed by BAE SYSTEMS.

BAE SYSTEMS and Sumitomo Precision Products of Japan collaborated to develop the
Silicon Vibrating Structure Gyro at the heart of the Segway HT. They formed a joint venture company, Silicon Sensing Systems (SSS), to manufacture and sell the highly innovative sensors into the commercial and automotive sectors. SSS uses micro-machining technology and silicon wafers to create gyroscopes using a 6mm vibrating ring. Engineers from SSS worked with Segway LLC to develop the Balance Sensor Assembly, which monitors the rider’s centre of gravity more than 100 times per second.

BATTLESPACE will be running a Segway feature in our August Special Vehicles Supplement

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