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10 Oct 12. BATTLESPACE is delighted to invite you to attend the 2012 BATTLESPACE Businessman of the Year Award at the Hesco Bastion Bar in the UK Pavilion at AUSA at 11.45 on October 24th. During the event the BATTLESPACE App will also be launched.

Lennart Ljungfelt, President of Aimpoint AB, was voted by a narrow margin by our readers as BATTLESPACE Businessman of the Year 2012, we send him our congratulations; the runner up was Dr David Price Chief Executive of Chemring PLc. The award will be made by last year’s winner Jeffrey Q. Palombo, Sector Vice President and, Division General Manager, Land and Self Protection Systems Division, Electronic Systems sector, Northrop Grumman Corporation, at our event during AUSA on October 24th.

Ljungfelt has enjoyed many proud moments at the helm, but one stands out above the rest.

“The proudest moment I’ve had was at the National Defense Industrial Association annual conference in 2007,” he said. “I was sitting in the back row there among maybe 500 or 600 people. Michael Friedman of the Rapid Fielding Initiative took the stand and said he was going to start off with the most successful part of what the industry has accomplished to meet their requirement for supplying at larger volumes.”

“He started to talk and he didn’t show any pictures. It took me about 30 seconds to understand that he was talking about us. That’s where he started — the most successful accomplishment within his responsibility. He never mentioned Aimpoint by name but when he said M68 Close Combat Optic, I understood he was talking about us. I got real goose skin and I wished all our employees could have been sitting in that room and feel what I felt, because that was the ultimate reward. Nothing else comes close. It was such a beautiful moment and I’ll never forget it. I get the same goose skin as I talk about it now years later.”

We are also raising money for the SSFA Big Brew Up during the event

You can make an online donation to The Big Brew Up by visiting the website:



BATTLESPACE PUBLICATIONS announce the formal launch of its new digital App for iPhone and iPad. The App is available for download from iTunes.

The digital version of BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES gives advertisers a whole new dimension in defence publishing. Using advanced software the digital version of BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES can run videos, hyperlinks and emails live from the issue. The two platforms give advertisers a huge new audience for BATTLESPACE C4ISTAR TECHNOLOGIES increasing circulation to a whole new range of readers. This is also audited by the new software and available to advertisers, Agencies and PR Companies. We are publishing a mix of print and digital and digital only issues in 2013.

The App is available for download from iTunes and accessible via ‘Newstand’ on iPad and iPhones.

Julian Nettlefold of BATTLESPACE Publications said, “BATTLESPACE has always prided itself on being in the forefront of defence publishing technology. We were the first to launch an on-line Show daily at the 1996 Farnborough Air Show, we were the first to launch a dedicated defence technology publication, we were first to launch electronic news through our Update and Alert subscription service and our on-line Exhibition Show Dailies. In 2009, with FLIR Systems Inc. and Hobson Industries, we pioneered the development of live filming at DVD which was distributed via microwave to the Steering Pad, this video could now be streamed via our App.”

“Defence news is about equipment that is produced for a rugged environments on land, sea and air, thus any medium which can show this equipment being used in its environment and crucially, using video to show movement over the battlefield, is a hugely valuable tool for equipment suppliers and buyers. We can also embed interview with key defence industry personnel. In addition to

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