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Dec 07. ROVING COMMISSION – By Kel Palmer. For those of our readers fortunate enough to talk to Group Captain John ‘Kel’ Palmer when he was at Racal or prior to that at the RAF, he was not only a mine of information but also a raconteur par excellence. He told the Edior many tales when hew was flying Voodoos in the USA whilst on secondment, and when he was at the MoD handling the procurement for AWACS in particular. One story was when he held a meeting with the Minister, BAE and Lord Weinstock of GEC about his failing AWACS aircraft. It was reported that Weinstock told the Minister that, ‘You will never buy a US system when GEC is a major player in the UK!’ It was reported that the Minister said in effect ‘just you watch us!’ A must for Christmas reading – Universe ISBN 978-0-595-39189-9 or direct from John Palmer £13.00 incl. P&P.
Group Captain John Palmer
248 Fernhill
Mountain Ash
CF45 3EL

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