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13 Aug 07. Middle East: Foreign Affairs Committee Report. The Foreign Affairs Committee published (13 Aug 07) a Report on Global Security: The Middle East. Sections of the Report are devoted to: Israel and the Occupied Territories, Lebanon (including discussion on ‘cluster’ munitions), Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and British Diplomacy. The Report concludes by recommending that the Government should publish a public strategy paper on its relationship with the Middle East, setting “measurable targets for progress”.
Comment: The Report is the first in a new series covering global security matters which the Committee intends to publish. The Report is available through the Parliamentary website (www.parliament.uk) and in ‘hard copy’ from TSO or from The Parliamentary Bookshop (Tel: 020-7219 3890), as HC 363, for £23:00. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0733, 20 Aug 07)

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