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23 Mar 07. Defence Estate: National Audit Office (NAO) Report. The NAO published (23 Mar 07) a Report Managing the Defence Estate: Quality and Sustainability. The MoD’s estate in the UK is made up of 80,000 hectares of built estate (such as accommodation and bases) and 160,000 hectares of rural estate (training areas and ranges). While noting outstanding problems, the NAO congratulates the MoD for introducing “positive changes” and investing “substantial resources”.
Comment: The MoD has awarded five Regional Prime Contracts for estate services in Great Britain: in Scotland on 31 Mar 03 for £460m; in the South West on 26 Mar 04 for £480m; in the South East on 4 Mar 05 for £400m; in ‘Central’ on 3 Nov 05 for £550m and in the East for £500m on 17 Nov 05. Part of the South Eastern contract covers the extra work which is due to start at RAF Brize Norton on 1 Apr 07. The Report is available from TSO and The Parliamentary Bookshop, as HC 154, for £13:50. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0713, 26 Mar 07)

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