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03 Feb 14. Research and Markets announced the addition of the “Concise Analysis of the International Active Electronically-Scanned Arrays (AESAs) Market” report to their offering. “Concise Analysis of the International Active Electronically-Scanned Arrays (AESAs) Market”, is the latest of a successful series of industry and market reports published on Active Electronically-Scanned Arrays (AESAs). For all AESAs that are designed for specific platforms (airborne or shipboard) each platform was identified in detail as well as the AESA system. On the basis of as much hard data as could be determined the markets for each AESA system were forecast to 2017. This forecasting applies to all AESAs identified during the research: airborne, land-based (many being truck-mounted) and shipboard. Data supplied is also segmented by frequency band (L, S, C, X, Ku). Detailed column charts of data are embedded within each module except the common module. Data points are included on the tops of columns relating to geographically total markets. For each subsequent segment – Airborne, Land-based, Shipboard as many as possible AESAs are identified as well as column charts of annual shipments and monetary markets – including forecasts to 2017 – for the AESA systems and TRMs within these AESA systems. The Worldwide module provides data applying to all types of AESAs. This report is highly recommended for strategic planning amidst a substantially changing market and product technologies scenario. Each module may be bough individually but for optimal insight it is suggested the Common Module be purchased in conjunction with a singular application-orientated module. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

03 Feb 14. Research and Markets announced the addition of the “Global Smart Weapons Market Forecasts & Opportunities Report 2013-2018” report to their offering. Smart weapons range from precision-guided artillery rounds and precision-guided bombs to precision-guided stand-off missiles. Anti-armor weapons comprise of anti-tank and anti-structure missiles. Lately, multi-mission capable missiles, which could be used in a variety of operational capabilities, are widely developed and produced; thus reducing logistics and providing single, easy-to-use solutions for a variety of missions. Guided munitions are bombs that are fitted with any one of the following guidance systems, such as the inertial navigation system, global positioning system, laser beam guidance, terrain mapping, radar guidance, infrared imaging, and video guidance systems. These guidance systems can be used solely or in combination with two different guidance mechanisms, thus creating a hybrid navigation system that helps in improving all weather targeting and attacking capabilities for war fighters. JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) by The Boeing Company, Paveway by Raytheon, and AASM by Sagem of France are a couple of widely procured and proven guided munitions. The demand for precision/surgical strikes has led to an increased demand for these systems, and western companies who dominate this market are expected to strengthen their market position across the globe in the coming decade or at least until a credible domestic capability is built by the procuring nations. The need to provide precision fire capabilities to soldiers operating in squad and platoon levels has led to the development of guided projectiles and is being inducted by all major armed forces. The precision effect offered by these projectiles – apart from offering a reliable first-shot, first-hit capability – also reduces the logistics burden. The advancements in technology means that the unit cost of such systems will be further reduced; thus, making it even more attractive and affordable over the forecasted period. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

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