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12 Dec 13. Arundel Publishing is celebrating the holidays by taking 50% off the inspirational best-selling book, NOW YOU TELL ME! 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got. This book gives an honest and genuine look into military life as a spouse to the bravest in the nation.
“Whether you’re a seasoned military spouse or a newbie, you should check out the latest instalment of the “Now You Tell Me!” book series: “12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice They Never Got.”…”And if you’re of the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard persuasion and think these insights are service-specific … well, you should know better.”—Army Times Review, 1/10/2013. One segment of the book addresses how to support Army families during the holidays, when the spouse is either readjusting from a deployment, away on training exercises or deployed halfway across the globe. These tips are simple and fun ways to connect to a military family living near you and show your support. Please continue the success of this book by giving the gift of inspiration to fellow military families. Now until December 31st this book is 50% off only on our site. www.arundelpublishing.com

17 Dec 13. Crowd Funding Campaign launched for Kajaki, www.kajakimovie.com. The first feature film about a British conflict since WW2. The Producers will match the amount raised through Indiegogo with a similar donation to military charities from the film’s profits. A true story about a group of soldiers trapped in a soviet minefield in Afghanistan in 2006. Kajaki tells the compelling true story of what happened to a British Army company stationed at Kajaki Dam in Helmand in September 2006. It’s a story of amazing courage, of ordinary guys in extraordinary circumstances, and of the kind of terrifying situation that the men and women of the modern British Army are finding themselves in. Based on firsthand accounts, it’s a story that has yet to be told. A small unit of soldiers is dug into a ridge overlooking the dam. A sniper patrol sets out to disable a Taliban roadblock. In a dried out river bed at the foot of the ridge, a young British sniper detonates a land mine, blowing off his leg and setting into motion a desperate rescue mission. His fellow soldiers come to get him out, only to find themselves trapped in a minefield. With no way out, any movement risks certain injury and possible death. One by one the hidden enemy takes its toll. KAJAKI the movie follows several British soldiers on one harrowing day during their six-month tour of Afghanistan in 2006. It was the day of days when young men, the lads from next door, discovered levels of bravery and selflessness they never knew they had and ultimately became heroes. For more information please contact Andrew de Lotbinière on 020 7866 0000 or andrew@kajakimovie.com

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